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Comment Re:It's like the old AOL, except AOL looked better (Score 1) 289

believe it or not there is an icon for Hotmail there as well as Yahoo, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter and the rest is Google apps

Why does this surprise you? Android, another Google-authored operating system (but for smartphones as you likely already know), comes with bookmarks in the browser for all sorts of non-Google properties.

What's with this cynical belief that Google is so self-serving?

Your statements are similar to those who believe Google tries to lock users into its services without ever having visited The Data Liberation Front.

Are you jealous of Google's success or something petty like that?

Comment Re:N97? (Score 1) 211

Java/Dalvik development only

As has been mentioned in previous posts, native C++ development is available via the Android NDK. Even native access to OpenGL is supported.

with their own version of the app store and installation verification

I guess you never clicked on a URL (in the built-in browser on the phone) that points straight to an Android Package (.apk) file and simply allowed the phone to install it. No "app store" required.

Comment U R DOIN IT WRONG :) (Score 5, Insightful) 345

What we've found is that code reviews take forever...

Ugh. Are you reviewing each individual commit (where code reviews are quick and very effective), or are you rounding up a bunch of developers in a conference room and reviewing an entire module using an overhead projector?

Peer-to-peer reviews of individual diffs using good workflow tools have been very effective at several places I have worked and in open-source projects to which I have committed.

Some of the fastest team development velocity I have experienced has been with peer code reviews within the team.

A good style guide also helps...

Comment Re:Cold climates (Score 2, Insightful) 594

I would suggest keeping the battery pack warm using the same power source that is being used to charge the battery. Also, insulate the battery pack, since the batteries typically warm themselves as a result of being discharged, due to their own internal resistance.

This mainly becomes an issue if you park the car somewhere for a long time in a place that is cold, but there is no way to plug the car in. I suspect that parking garages would start offering electrical outlets for charging the parked vehicles. Smart grids would probably help with this, causing the car owner to be billed for the electricity used to charge and pre-warm the car (or credited, if the car contributed excess electricity to the grid during daytime peak hours in periods of relatively mild weather).

Similarly, the car interior could be pre-warmed (or pre-cooled in the summer) when plugged in.

Comment Re:Personal backups of online data (Score 1) 711

Google, at least, supports user data portability, and not just with. social networking.

GMail lets you import and export your contacts in a variety of formats and access your email (for back-up or whatever) via IMAP and POP.

Picasa syncs the web albums to your local machine (and runs under Linux, thanks to Google's open source contributions to Wine).

Blogger lets you push blog content elsewhere.

There are probably more (like stuff you can access via GData APIs), but these are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

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