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Comment Long time Tetris fan (Score 1) 36

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite in 2006 specifically so i could play Tetris. Never bought another game. Never needed another game. Still got it. I'll take Tetris over any of the eye candy games any day.

Comment Re:Why cant you pick by regions on a map (Score 1) 228

Knowing financial companies, this would most likely be a Java heavy widget that breaks every time Oracle sneezes.

As it is, people are too lazy to think ahead and call their CC to let them know about their travel plans (a 2 minute phone call from personal experience). Do you honestly think those same people will pry their heads out of their asses long enough to go to a website?

Comment Re:Don't overlook the easy (Score 1) 172

As mundane as it is doing the routine "easy" projects, keep doing them! Practice. Practice. Practice!!!

During the routine projects you might come up with a more convoluted idea to do the same exact task which will require x5 the work and try to do it just because you can. It's when doing mundane tasks I've had many a brain storm to try a new method. Most of the time my brain storm was Hurricane Katrina (a disaster) but there were a couple of legitimately cool things I accidentally did in the process!

Comment Re:To the URLbar! (Score 1) 92

I agree and thoroughly hate the whole "omnibar" trend that is happening with the browsers but What alternative are you going to use once Google has successfully rolled out their "omnibar" crap? The Firefox camp is doing everything they can to fuck themselves over while trying to mimic Chrome. They'll roll out the same thing with FF ver 45 (in 6 weeks at the rate they're going). The only difference is that the FF version will be buggier than shit.


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