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Comment Just say no to cloud encryption (Score 1) 200

I don't use encrypted cloud storage. Instead, for secure backup, I use USB hard drives that I leave disconnected from the computer except during backup operations. This method places a priority on security (no hacker or virus can get to a drive that's disconnected), but it leaves me open to physical theft or destruction. I don't worry much about the former, but for the latter, I keep a copy at a relative's house.

Of course, this method doesn't solve the sync problem. I don't personally have a much need to sync data across devices (except for program code, which is easily synced across computers via Git), but for those of you who do, I recommend you use it only for data that doesn't really need to be secure, such as personal photos. Then, you can use any cloud service that syncs well, without regard to encryption.

Comment Statistical genius (Score 1) 251

Rothberg and physicist Max Tegmark, who is based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, have enrolled about 400 mathematicians and theoretical physicists from top-ranked US universities...Critics say that the sizes of these studies are too small to yield meaningful results for such complex traits.

I'm not sure who's right, Rothberg, or his critics. In any event, his should exclude either his genes or theirs.

Comment Re:Throw down. (Score 2) 72

Glad there's someone else out there who can relate! I actually had a Superboard II, which was the Challenger 1P without a case, as you may recall. Years later, I bought a C4P for cheap at a hamfest. Also, I may have the most complete set of Ohio Scientific documentation still in existence. (It's nice to have something to brag about, even if nobody cares.)

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