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Comment Re:Oh, gag me. (Score 0) 564

Really. So many people out there are pretty much totally ignorant on basic facts of physics,....

People who cannot write a coherent paragraph, or are not familiar with Hamlet or King Lear, or do not know history are equally bad, even if the know how to write code in C++.

The assumption in your post is that all you need to present is evidence to convince others of your point of view shows a very shallow understanding of human condition.

Perhaps some study of humanities would improve your understanding.

Comment You own your car... (Score 1) 317

OK. You own your car. The car has a computer with software that controls the anti-lock brakes. You hack this software to be more efficient and use the brakes better. You install in your car and post your hack on the net.

Now some Joe Shmoe takes your code and puts it in his car. Then he drives around and has accident and kills someone, because the brakes failed.

Are you now liable for the accident?

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