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Submission + - High Tech Companies Becoming Fools for the City

theodp writes: Drawn by amenities and talent, the WSJ reports that tech firms are saying goodbye to office parks and opting for cities. Pinterest, Zynga, Yelp, Square, Twitter, and Salesforce.com are some of the more notable tech companies who are taking up residence in San Francisco. New York City's Silicon Alley is now home to more than 500 new start-up companies like Kickstarter and Tumblr, not to mention the gigantic Google satellite in the old Port Authority Building. London, Seattle, and even downtown Las Vegas are also seeing infusions of techies. So, why are tech companies eschewing Silicon Valley and going all Fool for the City? 'Silicon Valley proper is soul-crushing suburban sprawl,' Paul Graham presciently explained in 2006. 'It has fabulous weather, which makes it significantly better than the soul-crushing sprawl of most other American cities. But a competitor that managed to avoid sprawl would have real leverage.'

Submission + - Google Patents Software that Identifies Real World Objects within Videos (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: Google has been recently granted a patent that could not only improve online search but, also will possibly give the search engine giant an awful lot of information about the world. Google, through the software, wants to scan and analyze the content within videos, YouTube videos most probably, and look for objects in the real world, identify them, and make a catalogue out of those objects. The patent describes Google’s technology of scanning a video, picking out landmarks, objects and context; and subsequent tagging and categorization.

Comment Tests, tests and more tests (Score 1) 236

Before you attempt to change this kind of code base, you need to understand what it does. The best way is to write unit tests that exercise system. Think of tests as very precise requirements. Once a decent test suite is in place (200 to 300 test cases) then you can start thinking about fixing, rewriting portions of the system.

Rewriting from scratch is probably the worst thing you can do. See this article by Joel Spolsky,,

Comment You do the reading! (Score 1) 726

Lot's of good books were suggested. However, with an 8 year old it probably would be best if YOU read these to him. The time spent together is probably more important than the actual books.

I had turned my daughter (who is now 20) into a Trekkie - I got her started with the Voyager series and then together we watched all the available Star Treks. We have had great time doing all this, and now when she visits home from college we still re-watch old episodes of Voyager.

Comment Re:for artists? (Score 1) 713

I don't know. My band recorded several CDs. With professional mixing and pressing few hundred copies it costs us about $1000. If you look at many jazz recordings, most of the tracks are recorded live in the studio in one or two takes. Then you need few hours of studio time to mix and master. Costs are not excessive..

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