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Submission + - Augmented Reality Treatment Alleviates Phantom Limb Pain (

Zothecula writes: Studies have shown that a large percentage of amputees feel pain in their missing limbs. This condition, known as phantom limb pain (PLP), is caused by the part of brain responsible for a limb's movement becoming idle once that limb is lost. The ailment has so far proven difficult to treat, but a new study suggests therapy involving augmented reality and gaming could stimulate these unused areas of the brain, resulting in a significant reduction in discomfort.

Comment Re:The Problem is Hitting the Ground Running (Score 1) 491

You can't teach "programming" in a university. At least not programming with the current flavor of the month tool. Well, you can, but rest assured I'd stay away from such a "degree" as far as I possibly can.

Remember how, say, 5 or 10 years ago everything was Ruby and Ruby on Rails? ASP and COM? Today, forget it. Now it's all Android and iPad. And in 5 years that's dead as well.

You can't teach the field of the year tool at a school that's supposed to give you an education for life. Another reason why most people go into BA rather than engineering, you don't really need to learn a new set of business rules every other year, you can sell the same bull for seemingly ever.

Comment Re:Try answering this simple interview question (Score 2) 491

Very true indeed.

But what I noticed is that degrees mean jack when it comes to basic things like this. I've had people with degrees in CS and whatnot who were great in theory. But when it came to coating that theory in code, most suddenly drew a blank.

Likewise, when I was working at a company that deals with malware analysis, we were looking for programmers with at least a bit of an ASM background. What we got were mostly people with a lot of experience in, say, VB and JS. Eventually I designed a simple question with a bit of ASM code, whoever could tell me what this does and what they'd expect from it, where it could probably be in a code and what to watch out in debugging can apply. The rest need not.

The snippet was simply
pop eax
inc eax
push eax

Believe it or not, the applications dropped sharply to the point where we could invite every single person who solved it correctly without overtaxing ourselves...

Submission + - Sketch: A self-completing programming system (

An anonymous reader writes: MIT researchers have begun using a programming language called Sketch to build some pretty cool tools. Sketch's gimmick is that coders can omit some of the computational details of their code, and the system will automatically fill in the gaps, what's known as program synthesis. Sketch treats program synthesis as a search problem, and recent projects include a system for automatically grading programming assignments for computer science classes, a system that converts hand-drawn diagrams into code, and a system that produces SQL database queries from code written in Java.

Comment Follow the money (Score 1) 491

The reason is simply that it pays better to move into BA. Seriously, take a look at your earning opportunities with a STEM degree, then compare to what a BA can make. And finally compare the workload.

Even I had to move away from my beloved engineering and into management because it was just effin' impossible to get ahead otherwise. I now make a lot more money with a lot less work on my shoulders. If I had a BA degree instead of a STEM one, maybe I would've gotten here 10 years ago.

Comment Re:First blacks, (Score 1) 917

Of course. The point was, assuming that abuse did have some effect on sexuality, shouldn't it turn someone away from the sex that abused one?

Personally I don't think that sexual preference is a choice. But the argument of "abuse makes you gay" fails even if one assumed THAT abuse had some sort of influence on sexual preference.

Submission + - Verizon CEO says heavy broadband users should pay more for their service (

zacharye writes: Are you constantly streaming high-definition video, downloading tons of Xbox One games and sending massive files to friends and family? You should pay more for Internet access than your neighbor, who only uses a 10-year-old PC in his living room to read email and occasionally browse the Internet for cat GIFs. This is the position of Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, who said this week that heavy broadband users should have to pay more for home Internet access than those who don’t take full advantage of the service for which they already pay top dollar...

Comment Re:Ohhhh boy, it's gonna be Death Knights all over (Score 1) 253

But ... but ... why should I buy the level 90, then? I wanna raid, I wanna have epics, I wanna be imba, I FUCKIN WANNA! I'm entitled to be in your group because I paid 60 bucks for it! Now go, peons, and drag my sorry carcass through the raid and by definition I get to get every item because I NEED it!

Just watch out for new YouTube videos that will create heaps of amusement. For the people watching, at least.

Comment Re:Ohhhh boy, it's gonna be Death Knights all over (Score 1) 253

And what good did it do? Seriously, tell me, what good did it do? Having a different class at max tells you jack about the new class you just picked up.

I predict a LOT of dds-gone-tank (since, hey, tanks get front row seats in GF, I'll be a tank now!) who think aggro management is the idiot boss they have to deal with at work.

Submission + - IE Vulnerability Exposing Banking Logins, Spreading Rapidly (

jfruh writes: A vulnerability in Internet Explorer 9 and 10 that allows attackers to target banking login info, first reported on February 13, is being exploited in the wild, and attacks are spreading rapidly. Sites compromised by the malware run the gamut from U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars site, to a site frequented by French military contractors, to a Japanese dating site. Microsoft has released a "fix-it tool" but not a regular patch.

Comment Re:My interest (Score 1) 69

Most cars round where I live don't bother cleaning their number plates... the chances of actually being picked up by a ploice road patrol that could be bothered to do the stop are pretty slim. And if they were picked up, they have a simple excuse which should not really be allowed to stand as by law, your vehicle is supposed to be roadworthy which includes having legible plates and you're supposed to check certain things daily.

Submission + - Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will

samzenpus writes: Richard Stallman (RMS) founded the GNU Project in 1984, the Free
        Software Foundation in 1985, and remains one of the most important
        and outspoken advocates for software freedom. RMS now spends much
        of his time fighting excessive extension of copyright laws,
        digital rights management, and software patents. He's agreed to
        answer your questions about GNU/Linux, how GNU relates to Linux
        the kernel, free software, why he disagrees with the idea of open source, and other issues of public concern. As usual, ask as many as you'd like, but please, one question per post.

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