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Comment Re:Just another senseless tax (Score 1) 372

What free-marketeers mean when they say they want deregulation and an end to these programs is that the moral cost of providing these services through subsidies is higher than the practical cost of denying people access to these services. When one of your highest values is ideological purity you end up doing a lot of things which hurt you, and hurt everyone, just so your extremist philosophy can remain consistent. It's like a religion for some people.

Comment Re:It costs the government NOTHING. (Score 1) 174

I can't believe anyone could be that ignorant. Piles of printed paper, digital records in computers, lumps of shiny metal, various crystals are all completely and totally valueless with economic activity defining their wealth. It is the trade in goods, resources and, skills that define value and hence wealth. Your simpleton view, that somehow you can survive in a capitalistic world sitting on your meaningless hoard without spending it and creating economic activity, is just so unfathomably ignorant.

Comment Re:Burying the lede (Score 2) 379

You have to prove that they're doing it. And you can't do that because the information is classified.

Have to? Negative. We could call a vote of no confidence in congress. We could DEMAND all government actions be made public record. However, this would require us to be as American as our founders...

American? Negative. I am a meat popsicle.

Comment Re:Neutral vs. naive (Score 1) 204

Is it really non obvious?
Government official paints Hackers as dangerous in the public eye, cites Feds may want to stay away from the uncontrollable trouble makers attending Defcon.
Distracts threat of global surveillance state by pointing at a few computer nerds who can hack your Facebook until some bug is patched.

Film at 11.

Protip. Jeff Moss is a government agent. His past deeds mean nothing. They know where he and his loved ones live.

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 1) 204

I'd trust a random 12 year-old Chinese hacker before I'd trust an organization that's currently torturing and keeping people locked up illegally.

This is what's known as a false dichotomy. We at your local Federal Government will be here for you to trust mere moments after you have trusted the Cheenager.

Comment Re:Real-world examples, shaky foundations (Score 1) 580

Your experience mirrors mine. Although the professor didn't explictly state that up front, during a lecture on N-dimensional Jacobians (or something like that), someone asked, "Does this have any use in the Real World(tm)?" The professor scratched his beard for a moment, and then said, "I don't think zo".

At that point, I started questioning my choice of a math major.

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 1) 204

They don't seem to think that maybe, just maybe, actual respect for the lives, privacy, and freedom of the citizens they're supposed to be serving is a better solution.

Perhaps you define better different than they do? IE: Unchecked Power and Unlimited Funds. Tell me citizen, what powers may you grant us, that we may not take our selves? What benefit can you give us, that turning knowledge into stock can not?

Comment et tu? (Score 5, Insightful) 204

This is how you find out who's snitching to the feds.

I can well understand why anyone in the non-corporate, civilian security community would have absolutely lost any shred of trust they had in the feds.

Those guys in DEFCON know who Aaron Schwartz is. They probably know people like Edward Snowden. They know that the federal government could bring their whole world crashing down in a heartbeat, without anything like constitutional rights.

I bet there are some feds who are sad about missing the parties, and about missing all the intel. But seriously, if any of them were decent people, they'd be blowing whistles, too.

Anybody who's working for the federal government in cybersecurity needs to make a decision about their future. Are they OK with being part of a police state? I know jobs are scarce, but if the day ever comes where push comes to shove, understanding of why they chose to continue to be part of this American StaziTM is going to be even more scarce.

Comment Find another career: International exploiter (Score 1) 157

Horizontal transmission evolves virulence. Immobile victims increase the potential virulence achieved by horizontal transmission. The "moral zeitgeist" that Dawkins loves so much is a perfect fit to evolve virulence -- that moral zeitgeist being enforced borders are the ultimate evil -- worse than child molestation by an HIV vector without a condom. Therefore, as this moral zeitgeist is increasingly enforced everywhere in the world, you are either going to be (virtually) eaten by virulent critters that make like they're human as they go from nation to nation exploiting their weaknesses and then moving on before they collapse, or you're going to become one of those virulent critters yourself!

Praise Dawkins' Moral Zeitgeist. Hail Kali! Destroy Creation With Morbidity! Invasive Species Über Alles!

Comment Identifying part of the problem.... (Score 1) 580

If I may borrow a quote from Representative Paul Broun on the House committee for Science Space and Technology, this so-called study is obviously just another Lie Straight From The Pit Of Hell. As he says, the Bible is "the manufacturer's handbook". Obviously science would be a lot easier if students spent a lot more time in Bible class and spent a lot less time in science class.


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