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Comment Re:Stopped reading WaPo (Score 1) 108

local blogs are better news sources than WaPo for local news

I'm not in DC, but I've never found this to be the case unless all you care about is one single narrow issue. Blogs always spring up to beat some particular horse to death, but I haven't seen them do much actual news gathering.

If you really believed this to be true, you should've at least provided a link to one of your area' blogs that covers a wide range of local news without relying on stories originating with either the local newspapers, local news radio, or local television news reporting.

Comment As with Microsoft - it's hard to see this working (Score 1) 86

Google has a very small product line - it's hard to see how they can fill a store, unless they're going to be carrying a lot of "partner" (competitor's) Android phones. And, at this point in time, most of those partners are probably not that comfortable in their relationship with Google.

Comment Whether WebKit is "broken" or not (Score 5, Interesting) 213

I still want to see three viable rendering engines competing in the browser world - and that's what we currently have.

I know there are a few people who live and die with Opera, but it didn't have enough market share to make any meaningful difference - its switch to WebKit is irrelevant to most of us.

Comment Re:Police Jurisdiction (Score 1) 1176

It's called the Schengen Agreement, and while for most people it's the easy way to travel around Europe, a lot of it is about policing and criminals as well. Basically, yes the French police can cross borders into almost all neighboring countries (not the UK or Andorra I don't think).

I don't think there's much danger of most European police forces involved in a "hot pursuit" crossing the border into the UK.

Comment Re:From coffee, of course (Score 1) 283

Ha! There was a great old Saturday Night Live parody of the old Folgers Crystals ads (in those, they'd supposedly replace some swank restaurant's coffee with Folgers instant coffee and use a hidden camera to catch all the customers reactions). The bit was "We're at Cedars-Saini hospital, where we've just secretly replaced the blood with Folgers Crystals..."

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