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Comment Re:Police Jurisdiction (Score 1) 1176

It's called the Schengen Agreement, and while for most people it's the easy way to travel around Europe, a lot of it is about policing and criminals as well. Basically, yes the French police can cross borders into almost all neighboring countries (not the UK or Andorra I don't think).

I don't think there's much danger of most European police forces involved in a "hot pursuit" crossing the border into the UK.

Comment Re:From coffee, of course (Score 1) 283

Ha! There was a great old Saturday Night Live parody of the old Folgers Crystals ads (in those, they'd supposedly replace some swank restaurant's coffee with Folgers instant coffee and use a hidden camera to catch all the customers reactions). The bit was "We're at Cedars-Saini hospital, where we've just secretly replaced the blood with Folgers Crystals..."

Comment Has to last longer than a smartphone (Score 2) 322

If I have to charge a watch every day, I'm not going to be using one.

I stopped wearing a watch when I started carrying a cellphone, so I'm not 100% sure I'd use one of these smart watches anyway - but I must admit some of the ideas I occasionally hear floating around this idea do intrigue me. However the existing smart watches don't impress me at all - not really enough bang for the buck.

Comment Re:Evolution (Score 1) 245

I think the future, the human race will be divided into 4 groups of evolved species with differing hand configurations - the consolers, the keyboarders, the swipers and the rest of the world.

Except evolution requires reproduction, which is a rare event amongst the first three groups.

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