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Comment Re:Still freezing my butt off (Score 4, Insightful) 174

This demonstrates a problem seen on both sides of the climate change debate - people look at their short term local environment and extrapolate those experiences to the world as a whole without looking at actual relevant data.

Had a really hot summer? Boy, this global warming has gotten bad, it's going to wipe out humanity in a decade.

Terrible winter? Man, I'm tired of all those global warming alarmists - I wish it WAS warming!

But as far as the ozone hole goes... Given the very slow rate of exchange between the upper and lower atmosphere, it's hard to see how policy changes mainly implemented by western countries in the very recent past could fully explain this.

Comment Re:Really, who cares? (Score 1) 274

I hate to interrupt your Stallman bashing, but RMS isn't involved in Hurd development. He has been content to use Linux for many years now. Hurd development is driven mainly by other developers who are in it purely as a hobby, a way to play around with microkernel design, and they are not striving to reach a mass market.


1) it's 10 years - or more - behind everything else
2) it's a hobby project
3) it's not even a RMS project

So why did Slashdot waste our time by posting this story? Why should it get any coverage at all, ever?

Comment Re:Real artists ship. (Score 1) 274

Not only did Stallman write EMACS, but he also wrote parts of GCC, the debugger, and gmake. These are not negligible contributions.

So if you're reading a guy's job application, and it shows he did a significant amount of really good work in the 1990s but, since then, he hasn't been able to add even basic functionality to a more modern project... Do you hire him? Does he even get an interview?

Comment Re:upside down keypads? (Score 2) 120

Touch tone phones have the alphabet sharing the keys, starting with ABC on key 2. Thus the letters are alphabetic from top to bottom, which also properly follows reading order.

Touch tone phones were only following the pattern already long established by rotary phones - those had the same letters associated with the same digits.

As a matter of fact, when I was a kid our phone numbers were usually stated with the first two digits being replaced by letters - so you might've said "my number is LE5-4192" for instance. That first bit indicated which exchange you were on, and was probably a hold-over from when operators had to manually make the connections.

Comment Another casualty of technological advances (Score 1) 564

The USPS is already almost irrelevant right now. All my bills are electronic, with the exception of medical stuff... and even they are starting to finally come around. My family is all on email, even my 75 year old mom. So really, all I get in the mail is postal spam (a LOT of it) and Christmas cards. I haven't gotten an honest-to-goodness letter in a decade.

I feel bad for the people who are going to be put out of work; but I don't think maintaining a postal service makes a whole lot of sense anymore. Let it die.

Comment Re:That is why it is WORSE (Score 1) 587

Yeah. Having been an Android user and now an iPhone owner, I have to laugh whenever this permissions comment comes up (which it does pretty regularly). Android's giant per-install catch-all list is not helpful at all - that's definitely one area where iOS runs laps around them.

But to address the topic of this story... I do wish iOS had a pull-down set of radio toggles a la Android. To get one I have to jailbreak. Of course, SBsettings is superior to Android's pull down, so I hope if Apple ever does this they borrow ideas from them rather than directly from Android.

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