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Comment Re:What about HIPPA compliance? (Score 2) 120

Load up the images on SD card, and turn off transmit. What possible HIPAA issues could there be?

If you read the article, you'd know that the images were being "transmitted over wi-fi" during the surgery. I'm guessing that means they were on the guy's Google Drive; but in any case they weren't pre-loaded onto Glass.

And the article also talked about "manually scrubbing" all patient info from the images to comply with privacy guidelines. I have a hard time believing that would be enough - it's not like a surgeon does hundreds of surgeries in a day, it'd be fairly easy to match an image to a patient.

Me, next time I need surgery (hopefully not for a long while) I'm going to ask some pointed questions of my surgeon about this sort of thing beforehand. The concept is great, but I don't want Google to have my innards in their databases - I'm doubtful he's even thought about the bigger privacy picture at all.

Comment Re:Well... ya (Score 1) 306

If the pilot doesn't trigger, it can't drop, no matter if it thinks it should. The human is the final deciding factor.

The Battle of Midway taught us the problem with making this sort of assumption.

Of course, with bombers you can test every system change using dummy bombs (but did they?). With ICBMs, not so much.

Comment Re:this is "news"? (Score 2) 100

Yeah, the article mixes a couple different subjects that don't really have a whole lot to do with each other much of the time - development and datacenters. Most developers aren't doing anything remotely relevant to the datacenter.

Open source works in the datacenter because it's cheap, relatively easy to manage, and because tools are available that let it scale up fairly easily.

And while there are successful, large projects that are open source... it's harder to see the argument that open source is the tool of choice for developers - at least those who are trying to make a living at it. Maybe if you limit the scope to hobbyists or side projects...

Comment Re:Surface 2? (Score 5, Funny) 293

I'm sure they'll call the next model the Surface One to avoid any confusion.

My sources within Microsoft tell me the higher-ups have finally learned their lesson regarding making it hard for consumers to differentiate between their products.

According to them, the third iteration of the tablet will be called Playstation 5.

Comment Poor guy (Score 1) 961

I truly feel for him, having been through a somewhat similar situation with my own dad a number of years ago.

But I have to ask - whether I agree with him or not - why should his celebrity make me care about his opinion any more than I care about that of some random guy on the street? Which, by the way, is pretty much the same question I ask when someone brings up Clint Eastwood's or Tom Hanks' presidential candidate preferences.

Comment Re:Other Fields? (Score 4, Interesting) 381

Some years ago (1990s I think - it was quite a while ago anyway), the University of Washington proposed what amounted to reverse affirmative action in their teaching school with the goal of increasing the number of men going into that female-dominated area. They got slapped down pretty hard by the various women's groups, and quickly back pedaled.

What's sauce for the gander is obviously not sauce for the goose.

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