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Comment Re:Other Fields? (Score 4, Interesting) 381

Some years ago (1990s I think - it was quite a while ago anyway), the University of Washington proposed what amounted to reverse affirmative action in their teaching school with the goal of increasing the number of men going into that female-dominated area. They got slapped down pretty hard by the various women's groups, and quickly back pedaled.

What's sauce for the gander is obviously not sauce for the goose.

Comment Re:Rounding is stupid (Score 2) 284

If Tesla really did rank 5.4, then let the other manufactures get some public shaming. Maybe they can respond to purchasing competition & catch up and make their cars safer.

Again - since Musk is the only one who hasn't played by the rules here, why are you assuming the other five-star-rated cars are exactly 5.0? There likely have been others that scored 5.2, 5.3, or 5.39 on that particular sub-test - but their manufacturers followed NHTSA guidelines when promoting their vehicles' safety.

You really have no evidence that the Tesla tested out as being significantly safer than those other five-star cars.

Comment Re:Misleading (Score 1) 284

There are lots of cars with five star crash ratings - for all we know, some of those have received a 5.2 or 5.3 or 5.39 or whatever on that particular test. But those other cars' manufacturers have always used the scoring system as intended by the NHTSA, and just listed "5".

Musk is basically trying to make it look like there's a safety gap between his car and all the other five-star-rated cars, when there's no evidence that gap actually exists.

Comment Re:Anomaly Or Not... (Score 3, Interesting) 145

Anomaly or not, privacy is a very valuable if not inherent social norm. It is to be revered and protected.

ANYONE who thinks otherwise needs to STFU!

I respect Vint Cerf's massive contributions to the Internet and the digital age we now live in.

That said, the guy works for Google. Anything he says with regards to privacy needs to be taken with a giant grain of salt. Privacy being considered something outside the norm is very much in Google's best interests... but not in yours or mine.

Comment Re:This is not the tomb you seek! (Score 1) 243

As a bonus, instead of Nazis**, he could hunt it down before the Japanese Army gets it (given that they started invading China and Mongolia as early as the mid-1930s), or if you want to make minds go 'splodey, get it before the Red Army does, and have it be the (way) earliest bit of Cold War action.

Ooh, and Doolitle's raid on Japan, while publicly described as a morale-booster for post Pearl Harbor America and a propaganda tool in Japan, was actually designed to distract the Japanese military from pursuit of the Khan artifacts!

You could even say the reason the bomber crews ditched in China wasn't really about the inability to land bombers on a carrier at all... it was to tie up those Japanese ground troops who ended up hunting the Americans.

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