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Comment Re:I'm a tech coordinator for an Ohio district (Score 2) 375

There's no detail in the linked story, but I suspect the "hack" is they're just restoring the iPad in iTunes. The kids probably couldn't care less about the school's wifi network. And if they have a smartphone (which many of them do - the girl in the story owns an iPhone), they could even tether the iPad to it while they're in the school building.

Comment Re:Bling (Score 1) 261

Those "features" are nothing more than visual bling. This suggests Apple is running out of great ideas and resorting to fancy instead of functional? I can name a whole list of UI features that would be awesome and seem innovative, while actually doing useful.

Like Android's Active Desktop... Er, Live Wallpaper?

Comment Re:Why all of a sudden? (Score 1) 261

In a nutshell, vestibular disorders are weird and the triggers are subtle. Certain movements won't bother most people, but if you smooth them out, adjust the speed, tweak the effect, things get weird.

I discovered, back when Doom came out in the 90s, that it didn't take much for games with a lot of motion - especially FPS - to induce motion sickness. I've sometimes had the same issue when I watch a movie in a theater.

But iOS 7 hasn't bugged me at all.

I am not intending to discount the experiences of the people reporting this, because I know how uncomfortable motion-induced nausea can be. But this has to be a very tiny percentage of iOS users.

Comment Re:Redundant keys (Score 1) 665

That Windows key was a relatively recent addition to PC keyboards. It seems to have been inspired by the Apple/Command key on Macs.

So I guess The early PCs could've used that space for the Start button Gates wanted - but then, what would they have called the button that's adorned the lower left corner of the Windows desktop since 95? What old song would've been used at the launch of Windows, since "Start Me Up" wouldn't have worked - the Beatles' "I am the Walrus"?

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