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Comment Funny thing (Score 2) 251

I was recently running a poll, and I found out that at least 20% of our department faculty own a Surface tablet of one sort or another - and that was before this move was announced. 20% of our faculty, and that's assuming none of the non-responders own a Surface.

I was seriously shocked. Android and iOS tablets are apparently less popular than Surface among our EE faculty. We've got some pretty close ties to Microsoft, but that is still surprising.

Comment Re:bad time to be testing this (Score 1) 131


I tend to think of speed tests as largely pointless. When I'm connecting to some site or server, there are too many other culprits that can (and do) affect the transmission of data back and forth between my device and the remote one. It's not generally the network I'm on, unless I'm on EDGE.

Comment Re:T-mobile the one that doesn't cost a damn fortu (Score 1) 131

Yeah, I was going to post the same thing, more or less. We've got four lines - we're paying $110 for that because I added 2GB/month to one of them.

AND if you happen to go over your bandwidth quota, you just get dropped to EDGE - it's slow, but you still have data access.

Comment Re:Nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 337

Exactly. While saving lives is a good thing, what it will lead to in the future is quite horrifying.

While I agree with what you're trying to say, there is an unproven assertion in your statement - an implication that this is an "either/or" scenario.

That hasn't been proven, and frankly I don't believe it's true. Intelligence gathering and old-fashioned police work can operate within sane boundaries and still protect us.

Will the occasional attack happen? Yes, unfortunately it will - but, as we've seen, that's true even with these intrusive, unconstitutional secret proceedings running amok.

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