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Comment Re:base it on traffic vs. how many domains host'd (Score 5, Insightful) 303

Netcraft's report shows the percentages for all domains as well as for active domains.

This article is a bit sensationalistic - no surprise. As a percentage of all domains, Microsoft is at 23% (Apache's at 47%). Looking at just non-parked domains, they're at 12% (versus 54% for Apache). Not really much of a "Apache vs. IIS" story there...

If there's any news at all, it's that servers other than Apache and IIS have managed to gain significant traction over the past couple of years. I remember when it had really turned into a two horse race, and gains by one exactly mirrored losses by the other. But now it's a bit more of a healthy competition.

Comment Re:possible new app (Score 1) 189

Hmm... I thought the implication was just having it on was the problem. But I see your point.

Thing is, when I'm using a map app (Waze, Google Maps, whatever) I'm generally in my car. And since those apps tend to keep the display on, I usually plug the thing in - because the display definitely eats battery. I don't play many games on my phone, so I don't really have a good point of comparison for screen only versus screen + GPS - if I'm not using a map app, I don't have the screen on for long periods of time.

Comment Re:possible new app (Score 1) 189

I haven't seen GPS sucking my battery down particularly fast with either an old iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 5. Wifi seems to be a bigger drain (especially on the 3GS).

But back to the problem at hand - at first look it seems to be easy, but the devil is in the details. It seems like manually turning it off would be the best option, since he's going to have to resort to that at least some of the time unless he's never, ever using wifi away from his home. If he's turned wifi on, he probably wants it to stay on - at least while he's in a particular locale; but defining that locale might be tricky, depending on circumstances (e.g. at a friend's house versus a game shop that's right next to one of the "bad" wifi spots). And he can't rely on inactivity unless he doesn't use data while out and about, although I suppose inactivity detection could serve as a fallback trigger.

Comment What is Patch? (Score 2) 248

Okay, I can answer that myself after a little Googling. But the larger point is - I'd never heard of this. Maybe they were missing "capital L Leadership", maybe they weren't; but if someone who's actually interested in local news (I subscribe to the local paper) hasn't even heard of your so-called hyper local news organization... You're doing something wrong.

Also - who whips out a camera during a meeting unless it's already established that's what he's supposed to do? At some level, this in-meeting firing doesn't pass the smell test. Could it have been some kind of bizarre pre-arranged theater?

Comment Re:you know what they say: you cant trust google (Score 1) 80

Add to that: NFC, one click toggling, multi-user profiles, etc.

I've yet to see NFC used in the wild; but in the last six months several of the businesses I frequent (including the grocery store we shop at) have adopted Apple's Passbook.

I agree that toggles are very handy - that was one thing I missed when I switched from an Android phone to an iPhone. SBSettings is great, but we shouldn't have to jailbreak for the feature. I'm looking forward to seeing how the toggles they demoed in iOS 7 work.

Comment Re:Other - Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Score 2) 627

I used to avoid RHEL for my personal boxes because I wanted to be on the cutting edge, package-wise. But after a few years of dealing with paradigm shifts every six months, I've learned to appreciate RHEL's stability. I don't need to be on the cutting edge - I just want something I can rely on and get my actual work done.

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