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Comment What do they expect? (Score 4, Funny) 177

They probably shouldn't have incorporated the tablets into the wood shop curriculum - if a student doesn't have a hammer available, he's gonna use the first thing he can lay his hands on.

Fortunately, back in my day, that just meant occasionally driving nails with a crescent wrench.

Comment Re:My company changed software too (Score 4, Informative) 101

I want to know how they did it without losing any functionality (or sanity!)

While our previous setup wasn't from IBM/Lotus, we switched to Google Apps a couple years ago. In our case the thinking wasn't "do we have 100% of our old functionality?", it was "is it good enough, especially given the cost savings (Apps is free since we're an educational institution)?" - and the answer to that question was yes.

It's sort of like all those places that switched to Hyper-V a few years ago. It was obvious Hyper-V was lacking in features when compared to VMware ESX; but in a lot of circumstances it ended up not costing anything up front, so the "good enough" argument combined with the cost savings won the day.

I'm not saying it was necessarily the right decision - it wasn't my decision to make, only to implement. But it sure seems like "good enough if it's cheap enough" rules the day much of the time, anymore.

Comment Re:Susan Bennett?? (Score 1) 114

She says she sat in her home recording booth for 4 hours at a time for a whole year reading nonsensical phrases given to her so that they could later be pulled apart and analyzed.

Unfortunately Apple Maps interpreted those phrases as actual place names located in the Australian desert.

Comment Re:How I see it... (Score 4, Interesting) 1144

This time around, I was classified as a "mission essential" employee, so I have to work or lose my job. But I will be paid retroactively, and not until the budget is passed. So again, no pay and because I am working, no unemployment or other low income services.

My sister works at Madigan Hospital (which is part of JBLM), and is in the same situation - working with the promise of retroactive pay. If the shutdown is short, it's not a huge deal... but if it drags on, I wonder if her bank will defer her mortgage payments? Likely not...

The son of a friend is a civilian helicopter mechanic attached to the base. He isn't "essential", so he's currently not working and not bringing in income.

Long story short - it doesn't affect me directly, but it is having significant negative impact on people I care about.

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