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Comment Re:Rude? Yes (Score 0) 924

And the younger the generation, the more rude.

Speaking as a 52-year-old...

My personal experience has been that the most egregious offenders in this regard are middle-aged women. Followed by men in the 25-40 demographic.

The young'uns are mostly texting. It's annoying if you're attempting to converse with one of them, but otherwise it's not a big deal.

Comment Re:confusion (Score 1) 180

The FBI equipment is for CALEA and is on site in ISP's, not content providers such as google and yahoo.

You are making an unwarranted assumption here. Even during the "Room 641A" controversy, the claim was made that the FBI has black rooms directly on premises with multiple content providers.

The classified slides that are being leaked show something different. Assuming those interception points are CALEA-related doesn't really make sense - do you really think, with regards to CALEA, the FBI only started slurping Apple traffic in October 2012?

Comment First, make sure *you* understand the implications (Score 5, Insightful) 168

If you can't articulate what the implications are of using Google Apps for Education, then at least one of the following is true.

1) You don't actually have sufficient understanding of the situation
2) You're the wrong person to attempt being the spokesperson for the "opposition"

You need to be able to articulate your specific concerns regarding use of the service - not just make hand waving statements. If its bad that students have a "digital footprint" from age seven, explain *why*. And, even then, be aware that others may not share your concern (or may have adopted a fatalistic attitude about the situation).

Comment Re:Metacrawler still exists! (Score 3, Interesting) 277

I'm old enough (and have been at UW long enough) to have used Metacrawler back when it was still a University of Washington experimental offering. Later it became my first introduction to the wonderful world of a grant-developed product turning into a commercial windfall for someone - I felt betrayed when the ads and sponsored listings showed up.

I'm somewhat more inured to that situation now, but it does still bug me.

Comment Re:Oh, Canada... (Score 2) 743

You tell 'em! Time to show you Yanks you're not the only ones who can act like douchebags!

Some of us Yanks get regular reminders of that fact. One reminder we Slashdot denizens receive is when a European Slashdotter feels compelled to talk about how much more sophisticated and enlightened they are, when compared to their American counterparts.

But a Canadian! I expect better from them...

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