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Comment Re:Google Glass = No Service, No Admittance (Score 1) 211

Will they refuse to interact with any business that uses security cameras? That will make it very difficult to remain in business as any sensible warehouse, manufacturer, or supplier will use security cameras.

If that warehouse operator, manufacturer, or supplier insisted on carrying an active camera with them whenever they came onto the customer's own premises - yeah, I imagine the customer might quite reasonably refuse to do business with them.

Comment Re:Right... (Score 4, Interesting) 211

One can be opposed to the "Google" part without being against the "Glass" concept - although I do somewhat lean in the direction you mention anyway (I've got a smartphone and don't really see the added value here).

I would not be opposed, in theory, to something like Google Glass that was completely under my control. But I've come to realize that using free services from companies like Google and Facebook means I also have to give away something I'd prefer they not have - more or less unfettered access to much of my personal data. And, perhaps more importantly, I've learned that even if I choose not to use those services, they're slurping up my information without my consent (via shadow profiles) if any of my acquaintances are using their services.

Comment Wood burners are their own worst enemy (Score 4, Informative) 1143

We have a wood stove. We haven't used it much for a couple years; but when we did, we did our best to let our wood dry out for a year before burning, and also to keep our fires hot and well oxygenated. As such, you generally wouldn't see smoke coming out of our chimney, just hot air. (That still releases some particulates, I realize)

But a lot of people around here burn wood that's been cut fairly recently, so it still contains a lot of moisture. On top of that, they often manage room temperature by damping - limiting the air flow to the fire . Both practices throw huge amounts of smoke/particulates into the air. I always cringe when I go by a house with smoke belching out the chimney as if it were an old coal-burning freight train.

People bitch and moan about the government meddling in their homes, but in this case it's their own fault. We all have to breathe that exhaust.

Comment Re:Thank god it's Google (Score 4, Insightful) 157

I seem to remember that the "Do no evil" thing was coined by Marissa Meyer.

She's also the one who said there'd never, ever be ads on the main page - which is now happening.

I'm not a huge fan of hers, but it is interesting to note that some of these philosophical changes at Google coincided with her apparently being expelled from the inner circle at the company.

Comment Re:Misleading title... (Score 1) 160

Nowhere in the article does it say it can track what you buy, there's no way an app can track purchases you made outside of your phone unless it's somehow linked to your bank/credit card account... this is just to track where you were. Basically, Google is stalking you, nothing new there.

Bluetooth LE beacons can let an enabled app determine your location to a reasonably precise location at a given time - say a checkout line (and as I recall, Android permissions are all or nothing, ask only at install) - it'd be trivial to send that info back to the mother ship. And if Google is partnering with the store, they are probably getting date + time + which register information about purchases made at the store.

I'm sure Google can put two and two together.

And even with iOS's finer grained permissions, experience leads me to believe people tend to just grant permissions whenever they're asked for without thinking about it.

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