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Comment Re:No point pussy-footing around (Score 3, Interesting) 128

I think the NSA believed it was okay to weaken cryptography because they assumed they would be the only one who knew about what they'd done and specifically how they'd weakened it.

So really, what I believe is they were very clever and, at the same time, very naive... Or perhaps sophomoric and arrogant would be a better fit.

Comment Re:No point pussy-footing around (Score 4, Interesting) 128

An interesting scenario just came to mind...

1) RSA intentionally weakens their crypto at the behest of the NSA (this is fairly certain)
2) Chinese hack RSA - the only question is just how thoroughly (a known fact)

Now comes the speculation.

3) China analyzes what they got from RSA and discover the crypto is weaker than expected.
4) Quietly, China also begins to take advantage of this breakable crypto the NSA foisted on US companies and citizens.
5) China deduces why it was done and starts looking for weaknesses in other US crypto products - possibly succeeding, given they have a decent idea what to look for.

Followed by

6) China successfully and quietly penetrates most US defense contractors and financial institutions.

Comment Re: Could not replicate (as many others can't) (Score 1) 135

Yeah, I went looking that setting pretty quickly because you're absolutely right - it went from "interesting" to "meh" to "how the heck do I disable that?" over the course of a couple hours.

It perhaps works better with their own wallpapers, but I use my own photos and it got annoying pretty quick.

Comment Re:Could not replicate (as many others can't) (Score 2) 135

Works for me on a regular 4. You cannot launch new apps but previoulsy opened apps that are running are accessible.

When I tried it (on an iPhone 5), it does seem - as in the demo video - the apps have to have been opened very recently.

This seems to be related to how iOS 7 handles multitasking. I wonder if disabling background updating of apps would fix it? Later yesterday (after I played around trying to replicate this bug) I disabled background updating, mainly to try to address the poor battery life suckage iOS 7 seems to have introduced on my phone...

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