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Comment This does not make sense (Score 4, Insightful) 64

In a lengthy blogpost on Google Plus, Xiaomi Vice President Hugo Barra apologized for the unauthorized data collection and said the company only collects phone numbers in users' address books to see if the users are online.

I realize there is some translation going on here, and that can sometimes lead to misinterpretation - but in what context can this possibly make any sense? Collecting phone numbers from your address book to see if you're online? Seriously?

Comment Re:Pick your poison (Score 0) 337

The '93 Escort Wagon... Is it an escort that's bigger so it gets crappy mileage, or is it a really small SUV that's not big enough to be useful? You decide!

Hey now, it's been getting 33-35 miles to the gallon for as long as I've owned it (since around 2001).

My old beater is getting that mileage doing mostly short jaunts around town. The 85 Subaru I had before it performed similarly. You'd think technology should be improving gas mileage; but, as time marches on, I've had a harder and harder time finding similarly-sized newer cars that don't get significantly worse gas mileage. They are rated at about what I quote for highway, but then also get 8-10 mpg less in the city. It's ridiculous.

Oh, wait, this isn't Car Talk...

Comment Re:An easier solution (Score 1) 120

Grr! If the U.S. would teach people how to drive and have real penalties for not doing simple things like using directional indicators before taking any other action, like turning ones head to see if the way is clear there would be little need for ABS, electronic stability control or driverless cars.

You sound like you're 85 years old.

But, in any case, you've got to be kidding me. First, that was a very long stretch to go for a vague anti-American rant. Second, the idea that ABS is somehow only necessary because people aren't driving properly is laughable. Third, antilock brakes were invented in Europe.

Finally - how on earth do you mentally link ABS, stability control, and driverless cars together? Did you briefly consider adding windshield wipers to the list? What about kids and their loud music, or giving women the right to vote?

Comment Why use Comcast's modem at all? (Score 4, Informative) 224

They charge you eight bucks a month for the privilege of using their modem. You can buy your own from Amazon for less than you'll pay Comcast for a year's rental - and that's for a DOCSIS 3 modem that handles IPv6 just fine, even with Comcast.

Here's the one I bought - it's $68. It doesn't include wifi, so you'll have to bring your own wifi base - but those can be had cheaply as well. Plus you don't have to replace both functions just because one or the other craps out...

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