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Comment Re:Mining expedition... (Score 1) 112

Can you hover on an iPhone? I notice most Android email clients allow you to long-press a url to see the target, but it's not as fluid as it is using a mouse with hover.

iOS is the same, long-press to trigger a menu that also reveals the actual URL. I do it all the time, usually right before I delete some spam.

On iOS that functionality seems to be part of the OS rather than built into specific apps - at least it's worked in every app I've tried it in.

Comment Well now (Score 3, Interesting) 298

This should be interesting...

Is Slashdot REALLY the place you think you'll get the best advice on this topic? I expect you're mostly going to hear from people who expect everything available for free.

In any case - do you know for sure piracy is causing significant issues for you? Just because something IS available on torrent sites doesn't mean that's where everyone who was a print subscriber is getting it now. I tend to believe a lot of people that download torrented stuff are only doing so because it's available for free - they have zero interest in buying it, and in the old days would never have been one of your print subscribers.

iTunes manages to sell a lot of music without protecting it at all, for example. Maybe you're thinking about it backwards - rather than focussing on making it hard to get at your content, instead think "how can we deliver this content in a compelling, visually interesting, easy to navigate way? People who were inclined to pay for "print" may very well be inclined to pay for continued access to that expertise, if they feel they're getting their money's worth.

Comment Re:XBOX (Score 2) 442

Er. No. MS sold both the original XBOX and the XBOX360 at a loss to drive adoption, the exact opposite of what the author is saying MS will not do...

Whether they sold the XBoxes at a loss or not with respect to the cost of manufacture, they didn't set their price anywhere near the point where it could undercut the competition (or even match it, if you compare its cost to what you got, hardware wise, for the price of a PS3). And, really, that's what matters - how is it priced versus what's already out there?

With Surface RT, Microsoft deliberately chose a premium price. The base tablet sold for exactly the same price as an iPad; but then the good keyboard cover added another $100+ - and we've all seen the commercials, you apparently need that cover! So you pay $600+ for a non-"Retina" screen and not much more available memory than a $499 iPad - which was already entrenched and pretty much owned the market. How does that make any sense whatsoever?

Comment Re:Missing alternative (Score 0) 587

I went with the first computer I actually owned, which had 16MB if I remember correctly - however this iPad has 32GB, and there's no 2000 option...

But I used personal computers for school and work earlier than that. First one was a Trash-80 of some sort; but it was pimped out with a whopping 64K! (again, IIRC)

The very first computer I ever used, though, was a PDP 11/40. I have no idea how much memory it had - but It handled Star Trek just fine.

Comment Re:How can that be? (Score 1) 550

Most devices I see on TV and in movies seem to be Apple. I don't know if this is product placement by Apple, or if the producers just happened to like Apple kit.

Most of my wife's cop shows seem to exclusively show fictional hardware that has the Microsoft logo cut into the back of the desktop monitors and the laptop displays, along the lines of Apple's "apple". And when they use a phone, it's always a Windows phone.

Finch and Reese are both using Mac kit, though, while their nemeses are on Windows - that's good enough for me.

Taking my tongue back out of my cheek... It used to be said that Apple refused to pay for placement, but got a lot of free exposure anyway because TV and movie folks just liked Macs. However lately I often notice a lot of obvious Mac hardware where the show producers/directors went to some pains to make sure there's no glowing Apple...

Comment Re:Bury (Score 1) 550

a) Give away inventory for free at schools etc
b) Bury/dispose of inventory, user base purchases competitors products instead

I know which option I'd be going with.

Maybe they're afraid they'll take a further PR hit if a few million of these sit on eBay with a "Buy It Now" price of $29.99... and still nobody is buying them.

Comment Re:Exciting news? (Score 2) 203

Yeah, this doesnt seem like exciting news to me at all. Dual-licensing it to get it in the app store is a failure, not a victory. If the app store isnt compatible with GPL software, then the app store shouldnt be getting access to GPL software. Dual-licensing to work around Apples error seems actively counterproductive to me.

Problem is you've got it backwards. The problem wasn't from the point of view of Apple's license... it was from the GPL end. It was a VLC developer that requested it be removed.

There is lots of GPL licensed software on the iOS App Store - Apple doesn't care at all.

Now if you believe the GPL is incompatible with Apple's licenses AND if you think somehow that is Apple's problem... well, then, Ballmer had a point when he referred to the GPL as a "cancer".

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