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Comment 100,000 active developers? (Score 4, Insightful) 82

Surely at least one of them could lead a new project then.

So in November Apple bought a company that has some side project developing Open Kinect software, which obviously has little interest for Apple. This month, they give a heads up that the website for that side project will be shut down. The code for the side project will continue to be available through GitHub.

I'm not seeing much that's rage worthy here. Out of those 100,000 active developers, there is probably at least one that can set up and maintain a website

But it seems like the real complaint is that, since the takeover, there have been no paid staffers supporting the project. That does suck for the developers, but again I don't see why Apple would be obligated to continue that. With 100,000 active developers, I'd think they could each cough up a few bucks to cover a couple salaries if they really cared all that much.

Comment Re:Gee, didn't they tell us ... (Score 1) 137

Gee, didn't they tell us only Apple Maps had problems?

Only if "they" refers to Slashdotters or tech pundits. But Apple Maps *did* have significant - even egregious - errors/problems at launch. It seems quite usable now.

My preferred navigation app has been Waze, but that is unfortunately going downhill since the Google acquisition. They seem more interested in adding ads rather than fixing the app's shortcomings. It's usually really good for highways and major thoroughfares (although oddly enough it picked a really weird and obviously wrong route for me after the first post-acquisition app update); but, at least when I've tested it in and around Seattle, it often picks bizarre routes in the city - roads that any resident could tell you are going to take two or three times as long to get there (and yes, I've occasionally driven them anyway to be sure Waze didn't know something I'd overlooked).

Comment Re:Is Win 8.1 that bad? (Score 3, Insightful) 392

And what if even the free version is a failure? Can't give it away...

That's the thing. When I hear people complaining about Windows 8, it's *never* about the price. Lots of people just flat out hate the product.

I really doubt making it free is going to significantly impact adoption rates.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 2) 179

I agree it should be on by default - however, people being what they are, I'm sure in that case we'd have read at least one Slashdot story where Joe Blow screams about his unexpected $100 SMS bill because he didn't notice there wasn't a data connection and he sent 100 text messages while on vacation in Mexico.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 4, Informative) 179

And any other iOS user wont be able to send you txts as they will be attempting via iMessage by default.

As long as the "fall back to SMS if iMessage fails" setting is on, then there's no problem even in this case. The iMessage will fail, and then Messages will resend it as a text message without any intervention needed.

I guess having to look at the settings of a phone is pretty "obscure" though.

Comment Re:The better solution is to buy Nikon (Score 1) 88

Nikon is great... if you want a full-frame sensor. But there are gaps in their DX (APS-C) lens offerings. They seem to think every DX owner is only interested in shooting with zoom lenses.

Sure you can use full-frame primes on a DX camera, but that's unnecessary weight and size (compared to what a DX prime would be) - plus the optimal focal lengths aren't the same.

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