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Comment Re:He didn't make a mistake? (Score 4, Insightful) 281

Yeah, holding up examples of successful dropouts like Zuckerberg and drawing inferences from that is nothing more than confirmation bias. It's well established that, looking at the overall population, college grads earn more than non-grads. It's probably also true, overall, that college grads are happier with their jobs than non-grads (although I'm too lazy to look that up). I wouldn't be surprised if they live longer as well, given they probably have better health care.

Submission + - Google Blurring Distinction Between Ads, Organic Search Results (

jfruh writes: For years, paid links returned from Google search queries have been set off from 'real' search results by their placement on the page and by a colored background. But some users have begun to see a different format for these ads: a tiny yellow button that reads 'AD' at the end of the link is the only distinguishing feature. Google is notoriously close-mouthed about this sort of thing, but it may begin rolling the new format out to more users soon. 'Does Google want to increase its click-through rates as much as possible? Yes,' said a VP at one digital marketing agency."

Comment Re:Established by convention (Score 1) 125

I don't particularly care about IAU's naming - but they are the legitimate authority here, if such a thing exists.

What's funny, though, is that the submitter bizarrely thinks everyone is somehow going to come down on the side of some website (?) no ones ever heard of. Apparently the term "crowd sourcing" is supposed to magically sway us?

Comment Re:Participation awards for boys! (Score 1) 384

I can not get it through my wife's head that there is a REASON for the way I pack so much stuff together. She is now (after 7 years) able to imitate my layouts, but if we were to suddenly have, say, 4 more dinner plates in the rotation, she'd be unable to come up with a new way of packing everything in.

I've been married 30 years, and from what you say it seems pretty obvious - not only does your wife have you thoroughly trained... she's also much smarter than you.

My wife tells me - convincingly - I'm much better than she is at certain things. And I'm just now starting to figure out these are all things she doesn't want to do herself.

Comment Re:"Pretty sure"? Why should we believe this? (Score 4, Insightful) 155

I'm not a fan of Google's, but I'm not sure why people are unwilling to recognize this is a significant step in the right direction.

Before Google took the steps necessary to ensure communications between data centers was secured, the government could (and apparently did) just slurp up everything and troll for information. Now, at least they'll need some sort of court order, which means they'll need at least a modicum of an idea what they are targeting.

The entire government system is still deeply - maybe even fatally - flawed. Even if Obama's reforms actually take place, there's still far too much power left in the hands of the secret courts and the spy agencies. But fixing this horrible, unconstitutional mess will take time and effort. Correcting (or, in this case, interfering with) even one aspect of it is welcome news.

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