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Comment Re:Sidetalking? (Score 1) 221

If a device is too big to hold comfortably to the ear, you're pretty much an idiot (or, to be redundant, a hipster) to stand there holding it that way if there's a better solution.

How many people actually make calls nowadays anyway? Other than old people.

I'm actually old from a Slashdotter perspective, but even for me - my last month usage report showed I used a grand total 20 minutes call time... and that was a higher than average month! I'm texting and/or using data most of the time when I've got my phone out.

Comment One thing that's horribly slow on my iPad (Score 1) 157

Animated GIFs.

I think they're of the devil, but for some reason a lot of baseball stat heads still use them instead of a video format when they want to post a few seconds of a game for illustrative purposes. It's weird because these are generally young guys, not the old farts who you'd expect not to have changed their workflow since 1995...

JavaScript on the iPad? That doesn't seem slow - certainly not enough to where it registers anyway.

Comment Re:Better idea - inform the consumer (Score 1) 330

It's not really news that a Microsoft marketing strategy sucks. For such a big, rich company - they sure don't seem to know how to pick a decent ad agency.

Actually that's not really fair to the agencies involved. I know someone who has worked on numerous product launch campaigns for Microsoft. According to him, invariably someone high up at Microsoft screws up the campaign by insisting something irrelevant be included, some unimportant feature be given the main highlight... or even rewriting the entire campaign themselves! It really sounds bizarre. It used to bother him, but since he's a freelancer and they pay really well, he's learned to live with it (and gets professional fulfillment from the work he does for *other* companies).

Comment Re:Battery Drain (Score 1) 151

My question is this: If she's sitting at a computer, why is she asking her phone what the weather will be like?

This is basically the "problem" I have with Google Now - it seems like you're giving them carte blanche access to all your information basically for a gimmick. I hear tech pundits rave about it - but I don't really see an advantage to having it volunteer weather info, sports scores, and the like. When I want to know those things, it's already trivial to check them. I don't want to be interrupted with unimportant factoids most of the time. With regards to appointments, the already-existing reminder systems on my computer and phone work just fine. And I really don't care about nearby businesses or restaurants unless I'm hungry... in which case it's trivial to find out about them.

It seems like it mainly exists for people who are not very bright (which, in fairness, does include almost all tech pundits).

Comment Re:blog colors (Score 2) 264

I found it funny that, right there at the top, there's a big proud "Ads by Google" link. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but it does color one's perception when the blogger is basically saying "sure Google is cooperating with the NSA, but they're a lot bigger than DuckDuckGo" (for whatever reason we should care about that).

I switched to DDG a few weeks ago, but it had more to do with my changing perception of companies like Facebook and Google than it did with any idea the move would somehow deter the NSA from snooping on me.

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