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Comment Re:Monopoly (Score 4, Insightful) 113

So, they are acting like any other company when faced with the same market situation?

While that is true, what's different is those other companies generally get reamed when they pull a switch like that - Google, on the other hand, gets a free pass from lots of people.

We see it happen here on Slashdot all the time.

Comment Re:Can an entire agency... (Score 2) 166

Can an entire three-letter-agency get a corporate hard-on? 'Cause if they can, this gave our favorite one the biggest boner in the known universe.

On the contrary... more likely, either the NSA or the Chinese (or both!) will read this and say "Crap! They figured it out!"

If it's the NSA, we'll see some new laws passed soon giving them broad new secret vetoing power over publishing in scientific journals.

Comment Re:surely the government wouldn't backdoor itself. (Score 1) 138

If they got a very secure algorithm, weakened it in a hard to detect way which makes it easier for the NSA and nobody else then that would be perfectly fine to both use for government documents and to give out to other nations.

We've seen the level of "thought" that goes into these decisions. I doubt anyone with decision-making authority ever considered that weakening encryption so the NSA could get in more easily would also make it easier for criminals to get at the same information.

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