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Comment Re:Who would want it? (Score 1) 214

With the original computer revolution, being a nerd suddenly became sort of cool. Now that geeks are attempting to drive the way society is heading with these sorts of things, though, I wonder how long it will be before society as a whole says "oh, yeah, THIS is why we relegated these guys to the back room of the library way back then..."

Comment Re:Too fragile for the wrist. (Score 1) 214

Some people do still wear watches - but I stopped wearing one shortly after I purchased my first cell phone.

If I had to dress better for work than my usual cargo pants plus casual shirt, though, I might still wear a watch occasionally - but it would be a "style" thing, since there's no real utility in wearing one nowadays.

Comment Re: The wrong signal? (Score 1) 214

Then why are they in your personal space? I assume we are not talking about strangers on a train here, but people with whom you have met in person in order to interact with them.

If you really are Strangers on a Train, and you're constantly checking your monitoring devices... the other guy is probably going to think you're a cop.

Comment Re: Fertilizer? (Score 1) 228

Although, to be fair, wood ashes contain phosphorus as well (I think that's less true of soft woods, but I can't find that info right now).

When I've used it in my garden, I was mainly thinking about it as a lime substitute. I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, so the salts that are also found in ash weren't as big of a concern for me (but can be other places).

We don't burn much wood anymore, so I am usually buying lime nowadays.

Comment Re:waste of money (Score 1) 91

Solar = cool, Tesla = cool, Spacex= awesome. submersible-cars = not cool.

People give Musk credit for a lot of things, but they somehow leave out the fact that he's also responsible for foisting the abomination known as PayPal on the world.

Tony Stark would never have invented PayPal.

On a side note... I hope the PR person that successfully got the whole "Musk==Stark" meme going received a large pay raise from Musk.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 3, Informative) 699

A lot of people don't know what the flu really is like - they get a winter cold and call it "the flu", or they get some gastrointestinal bug and call it "the stomach flu". My ex-boss was notorious for the former... he'd have the sniffles but it was "a touch of the flu". Then when a coworker was out for two weeks with the real thing, ex-boss made a lot of derogatory comments because of course HE always came to work, even with "the flu".

The real flu lays most people out flat - congested lungs, bad sore throat, temps well above 100, a feeling like a truck ran over you. The increased mucus production can make you queasy when it ends up in your stomach, but it's not a stomach bug.

BTW I'm not intending to take sides - just making a comment.

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