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Comment Re:Another "journalist" (Score 1) 340

Another "journalist" who can't be arsed to do a trivial google search to check the facts behind the thesis of his article. You can program in python, ruby, octave, or several other languages on an iPad. Even one of several variants of basic, if you want. If you really love the TI-83 you can even emulate that.

Well, to be fair... A hundred or so posters above yours also "couldn't be arsed to do a trivial google search".

Slashdot is fertile ground for Wikialities...

Comment Re:OS X Upgrade Fear (Score 2) 362

From what I've heard, Mountain Lion is a worthwhile upgrade to Lion.

Mountain Lion fixed Kerberos authentication, in any case - it was horribly borked in Lion. ML also handled Active Directory reasonably well.

Not that most home users care about either one...

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 5, Funny) 413

Sounds more to me like Microsoft is making consumers be beta testers for all of the 3rd party software out there, and putting a much higher support burden on the independent software developers since they can't test their software on the released OS until the public does.

You're exaggerating the burden. What are the odds that any single independent developer has managed to sell their app to all three people who own Windows 8?

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