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Comment Re:OS X Upgrade Fear (Score 2) 362

From what I've heard, Mountain Lion is a worthwhile upgrade to Lion.

Mountain Lion fixed Kerberos authentication, in any case - it was horribly borked in Lion. ML also handled Active Directory reasonably well.

Not that most home users care about either one...

Comment Re:so pony up, Microsoft want agile extreme only (Score 5, Funny) 413

Sounds more to me like Microsoft is making consumers be beta testers for all of the 3rd party software out there, and putting a much higher support burden on the independent software developers since they can't test their software on the released OS until the public does.

You're exaggerating the burden. What are the odds that any single independent developer has managed to sell their app to all three people who own Windows 8?

Comment Seattle? Seriously? (Score 3, Interesting) 240

I work in Seattle. Here (at UW) our internet is pretty good, as you might expect - but the city as a whole is nothing to write home about. Of course there's a Starbucks on every corner, so perhaps the city scored well based on the availability of that AT&T free wi-fi...

Reading the article, it appears Seattle scored highly based, at least in part, on things they say they plan to do. And I must admit our local guys are very adept at talking a good game. But come on... they just killed the almost stillborn city-wide wifi network! Talking is basically all they're good at!

Comment OH... (Score 1) 282

I read the article, but didn't note the date - so I was rather confused by a story about some mega-delivery company I'd never heard of that mentioned facts that weren't remotely true!

But, even in 2023... How is this supposed to work? They're a delivery company - are the customers supposed to be on the honor system, coming out to the curb and taking only the packages addressed to them? The basic idea doesn't really work, unless the car also has fold-out legs and can walk up to the door...

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