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Comment Wrong strategy (Score 1) 120

Except of course that for an attack only one attempt ever need work properly to get the information desired. For a development project the whole thing better work and somebody should even be able to maintain it after whoever slapped the thing together has moved on to ruining something else.

Comment Sure (Score 5, Insightful) 550

What we need is more and richer lawyers and frightened software developers with malpractice costs bigger than doctors. Perhaps we can eventually make sure all code is only developed by giant corporations made up primarily of legal defense teams dedicated to patent exploitation and liability control with tiny development arms tagged on the end.

Comment Wake up CEO (Score 5, Insightful) 615

Perhaps this guy should take a look at how his employees view his company:

Doesn't look like those 1:1 meetings are really paying off in "that the people who spend 12 to 16 hours/day here, which is most of their waking life, have a good life."

Data Storage

Submission + - Can a regular person repair a damaged hard drive? (

MrSeb writes: "There's a lot of FUD when it comes to self-repairing a broken hard drive. Does sticking it in the freezer help? The oven? Hitting it with a hammer? Does replacing the PCB actually work? Can you take the platters out and put them in another drive? And failing all that, if you have to send the dead drive off to a professional data recovery company, how much does it cost — and what's their chance of success, anyway? They're notoriously bad at obfuscating their prices, until you contact them directly. Joel Hruska — who recently had an important drive die (without any up-to-date backups!) — tries to answer these questions and strip away the FUD over at ExtremeTech."

Submission + - Average office workers burn as much energy as hunter-gatherers (

gezb writes: The BBC is reporting the findings of an anthropological study published in PloS that found, contrary to received wisdom, members of a Tanzanian hunter-gatherer tribe, burned off the same amount of energy in a day as a typical Western. This lead to some excitable headlines in some UK tabloids, such as ‘ Good news for couch potatoes.

However, the always excellent Behind the Headlines have done a takedown of the story and found that burning energy won’t automatically make you fit."

Other relevant links:

Comment Re:How about no? (Score 1) 183

All this talk about 'cyberwar' and what do they suggest? The cyber-warfare equivalent of putting air defenses in a hospital near the front. Even with proper SLAs, you paint a giant target on everyone around you.

What can we expect? Probably demanding that the hospital be armored and sealed up which will drive up costs for everyone without accomplishing what they intend.

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