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Brazil Voids Merck Patent On AIDS Drug 765

JoeBackward writes "Merck has this useful anti-AIDS drug Elfavirenz, and Brazil has lots of poor people with AIDS. So, after trying really hard to get Merck to cooperate on pricing, the Brazilian government has decided to take a 'compulsory license' to the patent, and get the drug from a factory in India. This compulsory license is basically a way to take the patent by eminent domain." This move gives Brazil one more thing in common with Thailand, both of which have blocked YouTube. Thailand's compulsory licensing of Elfavirenz and Plavix has landed the country on the US's watch list for piracy.
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Journal Journal: THE 90s: Cyberpunk 3

I'll have to go dig around in my basement, but I believe I still have a copy or two of the seminal 90s cyberpunk magazine: Mondo 2000. Funny thing is that I'd actually forgotten about this magazine and the fact that I bought a few issues a little over a decade ago until I started reading about Jaron Lanier this morning. Back then, I was into "smart drugs", "smart food" and basically finding any way to augment my abilitie

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Submission + - RV processes own fuel in cross country trip

Anonymous Coward writes: "Frybrid has realized the dream of Dr. Emmet Brown's Delorea: putting garbage directly into your vehicle, and have it be turned into directly into fuel. This fall, Frybrid installed a system into a 40' luxury RV that will suck up waste vegetable oil from the back of restaurants, remove the water and filter it, and then burn the dry and cleaned vegetable oil as fuel. The family drove their converted RV from Seattle to Rhode Island on $47 worth of diesel fuel. Plans are underway for a smaller version of the system to fit in the bed of a pickup truck."

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