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Comment A much greater concern... (Score 1) 300

A much greater concern is that this exposes a serious flaw in the security of communication services we have all been taking advantage of for decades. There are simply too many individuals out there attempting to adopt new technologies into their homes who either aren't aware of the potential risks involved in using such equipment, or simply don't care.

If the individual users aren't willing to accept the consequences of haphazardly using technology capable of communicating over an external connection, without first educating themselves on how to prevent such problems (where possible), then the companies who provide these services will have no choice but to contractually demand that the user does not connect any hardware to their system that the provider don't completely control by themselves, such as how cable companies require a converter box of their own to use their television services.

It's really difficult to find middle ground on this issue that completely absolves the end user from responsibility when such things happen without sacrificing convenience in the process. The service was provided to a device the end user was supposed to be in control of... therefore the service was carried out as requested.

Comment Preserving Voice Actors' Voices... with MIDI? (Score 1) 356

You know, it's surprises me that we haven't looked toward more analog methods of preserving a certain person's voice, aside from splicing and disassembling audio recordings.

For example, has there been any attempts to actually model the entire vocal system of a human (ie, a physical "mouth", "tongue" "nasal path", "trachea", "lungs", "diaphragm", etc) based on CT scans, then linking these elements to a computer in order to control them via a MIDI interface to form the various base phoneme ranges combined with pitch shifts?

If we could manage that much, it doesn't seem all that far fetched to attach a special text-to-MIDI application to make it speak words and lines with tweaking options to adjust the inflection of each word relative to the others.

Comment Re:File sharing isn't illegal. (Score 5, Funny) 619

Should be interesting to see how they handle that whole FTP and HTTP stuff next. After all, it's not like anything illegal hasn't ever been transferred this way as well.

After that, maybe they can start suing carrier pigeons. You know you can't trust *those* little bastards... just look at New York!

Comment It's in line with content publisher complaints. (Score 1) 198

About how long have we been listening to the ravings of content publishers claiming financial losses as a result after-market resale of console games by companies like GameStop? Is it any wonder that they would want to force console owners to give up physical media in favor of a download-only distribution system? As it is, we're already seeing this creeping in with game content and features accessible only through a one-time voucher system.

Before long, our games are going to start becoming more like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, where you effectively buy the game engine alone and download the content needed to completely use it after purchase. At some point, this, like the current voucher system, will become a one time only deal.

Eventually, users are going to get pissed off over this set-up. At which point, the content publishers will graciously offer to let a user simply download an entire game without any disc an unlimited number of times on any pre-authenticated system. Hell, they may even offer discounts to owners of more than one console looking to have LAN parties without each player having to provide a disc.

The entire time, completely oblivious to the fact that they've just made a "deal with the devil" in which they can never sell any part of their ever-growing collection of games. Hard-earned money, that once spent, can never be recovered again, even in the tiniest amount.

When the day comes where everything is download only, the very concept of trade that has sustained humanity for thousands of years will grind to a screeching halt. We'll happily buy ourselves into poverty only to learn decades later just how wrong we really were.

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