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Submission + - The lucky 7 rules for improving confidence with wo (

supermack07 writes: Whenever you do anything in life you need to make sure you have a solid base. Confidence and self esteem are your base for becoming a bachelor. You can say all the right things when you first meet a girl but in the long run if your confidence and self esteem are low your gonna lose all chances in hooking up with a cutie.

Submission + - Chernobyl Mushrooms Feeding on Radiation

cowtamer writes: According to a National Geographic Article certain fungi can use ionizing radiation to perform "radiosynthesis" using the pigment melanin (the same one in our skin that protects us from UV radiation). It is speculated that this might be useful on long space voyages where energy from the Sun is not readily available.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Russia working to claim Arctic (

Crazy Taco writes:
Two deep-diving Russian mini-submarines descended more than 2 1/2 miles under North Pole ice to stake a flag on the ocean floor Thursday, part of a quest to bolster Russian claims to much of the Arctic's oil-and-mineral wealth.

So, according to Russian thought in this article, does the United States just get the moon then? After all, we went there and planted our flag. Should that be ours? Should we just give in and accept that the Russians get the Arctic for planting a flag, since that gives us the moon (which is WAY better in the long run)?

Submission + - Magnetic Brain Stimulator to replace ECG

u-bend writes: "There's a story at Wired about a new magnetic brain stimulation technology that's expected to soon gain FDA approval. Much less invasive than electroconvulsive therapy, the device stimulates the cortex and associated blood vessels by being placed on the patient's head, in a procedure so mild that patients can get in their cars afterward and drive back to work: 'TMS works by creating an electromagnetic pulse that doesn't disturb the skull or scalp, but can reach two to three centimeters into the brain to stimulate the prefrontal cortex and paralimbic blood flow, increasing the serotonin output and the dopamine and norepinephrine functions.'
The question is, does it work through tinfoil hats as well?"

Submission + - 80GB PS3 an "Option" for Other Regions, Sa

Anonymous Coward writes: "Following yesterday's announcement that the long-rumoured 80GB PS3 would be hitting South Korean territories on June 19th, Sony Computer Entertainment has issued a statement revealing that they company may consider releasing this model outside of Korea at some point. According to company spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka, "It could be an option to introduce it in other regions but it needs to be decided by each region.""

Submission + - Another black eye for XM Radio

hairygenes writes: "XM Radio has had degraded or no signal for millions of subscribers since yesterday. They report via e-mail that the signal loss was due to a software upgrade that resulted in loss of signal from one of the two satellites. The latest e-mail tells subs that we will have signal again sometime by midday, having missed the "early morning" deadline set in the e-mail sent last night..."

Submission + - Xen beats VMware to native 64-bit punch

Virtualization_Dork writes: "Version 3.1 of the open-source Xen hypervisor, official word of which is imminently expected, now runs natively in 64-bit, making it possible to run any supported operating system in 64-bit or 32-bit mode, including key 64-bit applications like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Microsoft SQL Server 2007.

Read more at"

Submission + - "First" OpenOffice virus emerges

NZheretic writes: "According to APCmag the "First" cross platform virus "SB/Badbunny-A" has been emailed directly to Sophos from the virus developers. It has not yet been seen in the wild.

Despite Sun's developer Malte Timmermann's claims to the contrary this kind of embedded scripting attack represents a real threat to users.

Back in June 2000 when Sun first announced the open sourcing of the twelfth email to the open discussion list put forward a two part solution for to provide OpenOffice users with Safe(r) Scripting using restricted mode execution by default and access by signed digital certificates. In October 2000 the issue of treating security as an "add-on" feature rather than a "system property" was again raised. Is it time to now introduce such measures to the Core to greatly reduce any future risk from scripted infections?"

Submission + - Visual Effects Society Releases Top 50 List

theguru writes: The Visual Effects Society has released it's list of the 50 most influential visual effects films of all time. Star Wars tops the list along with other effects blockbusters from the recent past, but there are some surprising classics on there that some readers may have overlooked. PDF link here. Let the debates about what they left off begin...

Submission + - RIAA, Supremes, want free radio play banned

goombah99 writes: The LA times reports the RIAA and several artists' groups are getting ready to push Congress to repeal the exemption on royalties for radio play of recorded music. No this is not a headline from the Onion. And No that's not the supreme court but the singing group. The Times points out that "performance royalties are collected from traditional radio stations in nearly all major industrialized countries, but U.S. musicians and record companies can't because there is no similar royalty on the books here." Of course the original exemption was given because radio play is what drives records sales. Indeed it was those "top-40" radio stations that made the Supremes' music famous, and thus valuable, to begin with. But of course a similar statement might be made about internet radio which now must pay royalties. My suggestion is that the radio stations offer to pay the royalties in kind with free air play of music.

Submission + - New York City mandates 100% hybrid taxis by 2012

The Fun Guy writes: The New York Times is reporting that all of the taxis in New York City City must be gasoline hybrids by 2012:

In addition to making the yellow cab brigade entirely green within five years, the city will require all new vehicles entering the fleet after October 2008 to achieve a minimum of 25 miles per gallon. A year later, all new vehicles must get 30 miles per gallon and be hybrid.
Shifting the taxi fleet to hybrids is part of Bloomberg's wider sustainability plan for the city, which includes a goal of a 30 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.
The Internet

ISPs Hate P2P Video On-Demand Services 231

Scrumptious writes "CNET is running an article that highlights the problems associated with video on-demand services that rely on P2P technology to distribute content. The article points out that ISPs who throttle traffic on current generation broadband, and negate network neutrality by using packet shaping technology, are hindering any possible adoption of the services offered nervously by content companies. Many broadband consumers are unaware of how hindered a service they may receive because of the horrendous constraints enforced by telephone network operators. This was a topic widely covered in 2006 in the US, but is now practiced as a common method within the United Kingdom."

Submission + - Linux tool identifies software "hotness"

An anonymous reader writes: "Computer Science researchers at Virginia Tech have set their sights on determining software "hotness". In 2006, Prof. Kirk W. Cameron, director of the SCAPE Laboratory and an Associate Professor at VT, began a project to determine just how much heat software produces. Prof. Cameron and student Hari K. Pyla designed a software tool called Tempest (for Temperature Estimator) that creates a thermal profile of an application and correlates temperatures obtained from thermal sensors in the system to source code."

Read more at: e__2.html

Submission + - Stolen laptop contains NU student / alumni SSNs

omeomi writes: "For the third time since 2005, students and alumni of Northwestern University have been exposed to identity theft. In a letter dated May 11, 2007, the Associate Provost for University Enrollment contacted an undisclosed number of potential victims, informing them of the theft of a laptop computer from the Office of Financial Aid, containing student and alumni records. A petition website has been set up in an attempt to convince the Northwestern University administration to better secure student and alumni information."

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