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Comment Re:Shouldn't the Moon be off limits? (Score 1) 269

You overestimate what we humans can achieve in comparison of the sheer scale of cosmic objects.

If an asteroid is big enough to be a threat to Earth, it's too massive to move. And the moon is 400000km from the Earth. Taking dirt from the inside and throwing it on the surface will not change its gravitational pull one iota.

Comment Just wow... (Score 2, Insightful) 343

The blatant crypto racism is exhibited in most of these posts... Guess what, your reaction is what proves the racism, not your quasi logical statements explaining your reaction...

No one bother to read the opposing views, or the reason why this was brought it.. just an immediate.. " Those women and brownies always want to be included... reverse racism"

To quote a SPEAKER that realized this after the fact

So I started asking around. I thought of all the prominent non-white-dude Ruby conference speakers I could in the space of a couple minutes. Just people who came easily to mind, nobody too obscure. I wanted to know if they had been invited to be part of that initial group of 15, and had said no.

Sandi Metz. Bryan Liles. Reg Braithwaite. Angela Harms. Sarah Mei. Katrina Owen (Norway). Keavy McMinn (Scotland). None of these people were invited to be part of the initial line-up. In fact, I couldn’t find a single woman or minority Rubyist who had been invited to be part of that 15.

Oh.. that changes the picture... doesn't it?

This whole "the world isnt racist anymore so just get over it" is a bunch of BULLSHIT. It's been barely a generation in most areas.. heck, we have people in the south holding to grudges and behaviors 6-9 generations deep. But someone, racist behaviour is supposed to be completely expunged in one generation, and well, any mention of it just shows reverse racism... bleh.. most of the above posters disgust me.

Comment Re:Just require activation (Score 1) 167

For extra points you could probably modify the registration process in all kinds of manners which would confound an automated and replay attacks. Chances are that for the average forum it would be sufficient that no script would even bother to defeat it and would simply move onto softer targets.

This is the answer, more or less. For small-to-middling forums, reducing spam is pretty easy. A few volunteers to delete the ones that get through suffices for the rest.

It breaks down to 1) keep out easy drive-by spammers, which means registration with a valid email address and some kind of barrier to detour the smarter bots (ReCaptcha and the like); 2) filter posts through Akismet or similar method; 3) have a community large enough and engaged enough to want to zero out spam posts.

The third step is the hardest, and has nothing to do with spam posts.

Comment Always seems to work (Score 0) 663

when shopping for a PC over the last 10 years it seems that if there's a Nvida card then you know you're going to be OK installing Linux. Other cards not so much. I'm not a gamer so I don't hang on the bleeding edge and obsess over frame rates but when I work with 3D Nvdia seems to get the job done, even if it's closed source at least it's there.

From a developers point of view there are likely glitches inherent in working with closed software that need to be worked around to keep things stable, only speculating but I imagine this is what may be frustrating Linus.

Comment don't conduct personal business from work (Score 1) 782

REALLY.... you're paid to be there to work, not conduct personal business! Perhaps if you were relieved of your employment you could dedicate yourself full time to your own endeavours from a connection that you procure with your own money that you can fully trust!!

Try hard to really imagine that it was YOUR money that paid for the office, lights, computers, Internet, and your salary, not to mention things like workmans comp insurance should you decide to do something stupid and hurt yourself while working etc... would you want people conducting personal business on YOUR dime?

Are you a prisoner, stuck there 24 hours a day? if so, then you may have a valid point, if not, wait until you get home!

Quit whining and devote that energy to being productive and perhaps if you have a positive work ethic good things will come your way!

Comment Re:Are you fcking Crazy ? (Score 1, Flamebait) 310

so much easier to support than winblows. the only issue you ever run into is training, and kids will figure stuff out on their own. I replaced various versions of Windows at my company 5 years ago and that's the last time I had to dick around with spyware and virus scans and reloading OS's, Ubuntu just works and users don't break it. go back to redmond where you work and stay there.

Comment solicit bids (Score 1) 310

I'm going to assume that you're going to get a bunch of these things, I'd contact several different manufacturers and solicit bids for laptops running Linux. Hopefully you'll be getting enough volume to be taken seriously and helped by people who sell computers. If it's for the Kids to use I'd look real hard at "Netbooks" because kids don't mind the smaller size and you'll find that you can get what you need at a much lower price point. Call Dell, Call IBM, Call them all and tell them you want Linux Laptops for a whole school what can they do for you.

Comment My Personal "Forgotten" Favorites (Score 1) 1244

The Overman Culture, by Edmund Cooper
The House in November, by Keith Laumer
Re-birth (AKA The Chrysalids), by John Wyndham
Hawksbill Station, by Robert Silverberg
Children of the Star trilogy, by Sylvia Engdahl
The Changeling, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

These are all wonderful books, though I seldom see them mentioned anymore.

Comment Maybe travel by short skips? (Score 1) 458

Coupled with some sort of scoop/intake device to harness those particles and use their energy at every stop?

On a completely crazed spinoff, this effect might prompt the development of extremely destructive FTL weapons. Imagine a weapon that will fry a planet as big as the distance it traveled? Stuff of nightmares.

Comment Re:Nail in the coffin for Keynesian economics (Score 1, Flamebait) 107

'economic growth' doesn't mean growth as in a cake growing in the oven.

it simply means an improvement in the standard of living of the population. that is ALWAYS possible, and it uses LESS resources to be made possible.

growth %ages applied to 'GDP' are make-believe bullshit that means absolutely jack except to Keynesian loonies who have been wrong from the moment they stepped out of school with their diplomas. that stupid number made this retarded meme that 'growth is limited' possible. a superficial understanding of economics dispels this naive notion.

remember microchips? they used much more resources, cost much more and were slower. telephone cables? they were made of tons of copper, now we use sand and make optic fiber, and in a while, we'll just go full wireless and fuck using ANY resources to link point A to point B. next generation cars will be electric, with batteries that we ALREADY recycle, basically EVERYTHING we do better and cheaper, and I dont just mean price tag cheaper, I mean ACTUAL resources utilized cheaper.

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