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Comment Oki C3600n or C5650n Color Page Printer (Score 1) 557

I am a big fan of the Okidata page printers, and so I'd recommend one of their color page printers. These aren't laser printers, although they use the familiar image drum, toner, and fuser print technology. Unlike the laser printers (where the image is laid down by scanning a laser across the image drum), the Oki printers use a fixed array of LEDs to lay down the image. This eliminates the need for the optical path and high-speed, high-precision moving parts that often fail in laser printers. The printers also use a system where the toner cartridge, image drum, and transfer belts are separate, user-replacable items for each color.

There are three models worth considering for home or home-office use:
1) The C3400n is the low-end model, and depends on its drivers for protocol support, so I don't recommend using it unless you know you're an all-Windows shop.
2) The C3600n is the mid-range networkd printer, and supports all of the popular network printing protocols (HP, Unix, Apple) and languages (PCL5, PostScript3), so any computer that's likely to be running today can print to it, and you're likely to be able to keep using it long into the future regardless of driver support.
3) The C5650n is a workgroup printer adds duplexing and higher print speeds to the features of the C3600n.

I have a C5300n (basically a predecessor to the C5650n) that's been powered on 24/7 since I got it some 6 or 7 years ago. It has a duplexer and additional RAM, and I have had no mechanical problems, and have done no maintenance to it except replace consumables. Almost all of the likely wear parts are user-replacable: in addition to toner cartridges, you can get replacement image drums and fuser belts, so I expect to be able to keep the printer running for another 7+ years.

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