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Comment Re:Don't take freedom for granted (Score 1) 521

>The first has nothing to do with anything at issue here, of course. Not sure why you even bring it up.
Oh yeah, full immunity from law has nothing to do with accountability.

>In fact, the warrantless wiretapping was presented to key members of both parties in both houses of Congress, so this was an issue already being watched by Congress.
It only made it to congress because it was leaked to the press. Kinda fucks with your "besides the press" angle.

Comment Re:How sad (Score 1) 268

It was illegal for women to vote (and the state used force to enforce it). The state had the *power* to keep women from voting. After that amendment, the state no longer had that *power*.

And it didn't require a Magna Carta-style "we've got you at gunpoint" uprising in order to occur, as the AC claimed has always been the case any time any state anywhere has ever given up power.

Comment Re:How sad (Score 3, Insightful) 268

To be sure, no government in history -- democracy or otherwise -- has ever significantly, permanently, and willingly reduced its level of power or revenue.

Nice fantasy world you have depicted there AC. I guess in that world the decision to ratify the woman's suffrage amendment wasn't a government run by men giving up power? You believe it was forced at gunpoint by the women?

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