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An Inside Look At Warhammer Online's Server Setup 71

An article at Gamasutra provides some details on the hardware Mythic uses to power Warhammer Online, courtesy of Chief Technical Officer Matt Shaw and Online Technical Director Andrew Mann. Quoting: "At any given time, approximately 2,000 servers are in operation, supporting the gameplay in WAR. Matt Shaw commented, 'What we call a server to the user, that main server is actually a cluster of a number of machines. Our Server Farm in Virginia, for example,' Mann said, 'has about 60 Dell Blade chassis running Warhammer Online — each hosting up to 16 servers. All in all, we have about 700 servers in operation at this location.' ... 'We use blade architecture heavily for Warhammer Online,' Mann noted. 'Almost every server that we deploy is a blade system. We don't use virtualization; our software is somewhat virtualized itself. We've always had the technology to run our game world across several pieces of hardware. It's application-layer clustering at a process level. Virtualization wouldn't gain us much because we already run very close to peak CPU usage on these systems.' ... The normalized server configuration — in use across all of the Mythic-managed facilities — features dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors running at 3 GHz with 8 GB of RAM."

Comment Re:Anyone remember when conservatism was serious? (Score 1) 1172

Those were better times. Well meaning, intelligent people with differing views tried to express those views based on the merit of those views, not by attacking the other guys for being 'evil'.

Not that things were perfect, but I miss honest conservatives, because although I am liberal, we need true balance to prosper, not the extremist idealism we have been cursed with the last 25 -30 years.

Comment Re:Sick of the Double Standard (Score 1) 1172

But seem Rush is a racist. Not a cross burner or some guy organizing a lynching party, but when you do something that is obviously racist, you lose your job on Monday night football.

And since you seem to be in the Fox as a bastion of truth crowd, I would ask you to explain how the left misbehaving in any way makes the poor behavior of those on the right any less bad behavior?

You cannot justify your foolishness by pointing out the foolishness of others. The truth is, both of you are fools.

No one is honestly claiming that one side is right and the other wrong, just that Beck is an ass and uses clever cuts and logical fallacies to rile up a base of well meaning, sincere, crazy as hell extremists. The people he motivates to action are the same ones that are openly talking about armed revolt. You know, just like other extremists. People Like Castro, Bin Laden, and Koresh.

Will you be so accommodating of madness when it is your family being shot at? Will Beck's ability to doctor a clip to 'prove' Obama isn't an American mean all that much when the laws that enabled this country to survive are undermined by the gun toting madmen that would kill you for not being the good kind of American.

People like Beck, and those that support him are playing with something far more dangerous than you even imagine. You rail against the government because it entertains you, but are you willing to give up the government and rely upon the decency of the mass of mankind to 'do the right thing'? Beck isn't calling his minions to reform, he is calling them to revolt. He uses imagery of the American revolution forgetting that people died in that revolution. People pay the price for Beck and Rush and their ilk's 'expression' of their freedom.

These people are making a living off yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater, and for some reason, some of those theater goers are cheering them on.

Decent people are offended by these madmen. They appeal to the basest of humanity, and honestly, they are the single greatest threat to our republic. Unless of course you actually believe the poison they are peddling, then I would consider you an enemy of liberty and America as well.

Bin Laden and his ilk do not scare me, people that think Beck is informative and pro anything but himself, those people scare the hell out of me. They breed 'domestic' terrorists that wear the flag as a shield as they actively try to destroy America.

Comment Re:icing on the cake: (Score 1) 1172

Hatred breeds hatred. Ol' Glenn has no problem doling out faulty arguments to defame the people he fears, but when someone has the gall to do the same to him, he cries like a spoiled child and has his lawyers abuse a process because they know they couldn't win in an actual court.

See, when Beck does it, he is trying to destroy someone. The parody site wasn't, it was using a classic joke to point out that Beck is very often the textbook example of paranoid madness screaming about how the people he doesn't like eats babies and kicks puppies. Not because they do, no, but because Beck lacks the intellectual ability to construct an argument that doesn't rely on logical fallacy. What next, calling the people he hates Hitler, oh wait, he already does that.

The reason people would be outraged of someone created a website with a name like www.didmichelleobamagangbangacollegefootballteamandgetpregnant.org is simple, but since you don't seem to get it, I will explain it to you:

See, Michelle Obama doesn't ask why someone, lets say... Michelle Malkin, doesn't deny that in 1990 she, Malkin, gang banged the Cincinnati Bengals, got pregnant and had an illegal abortion on the moon. Not that Michelle Obama believes Malkin did, but if she was innocent, wouldn't Malkin state her innocence?

See the difference, Beck does make outrageous claims like that, and sadly, a lot of small ignorant minds fail basic thinking and take those claims as truth. That is why there was a parody site, and that is why so many people thought it was funny. No one believed Beck raped anyone, let alone a child, but to see him and his supporters take offense, that is comedy gold.

If you can't grasp that simple concept, then I fear I wasted my time posting, but that is the risk we must take to at least try to improve our world.

Even if that means Beck and his minions might call us names. After all, it is the only ammunition they have, well that and tea bags.

Comment Re:Oh change the record FFS (Score 2, Insightful) 747

Yeah, and in 1970 there was no iPod.

What exactly is your point? That at some point in time, businesses didn't fear digital copies and now they do? What was M$ supposed to do? Say 'no, we refuse to implement anything to legally cover our ass when we get sued for facilitating piracy'?

Yeah, Windows now has drm. That has a lot more to do with media companies demanding it in order to allow their product to work in Windows than M$ inventing it and forcing the masses to its will.

I won't claim M$ isn't and hasn't been shady as hell, but to blame them for closed source drm evil is as insane as the people that listen to RMS whine about it being 'GNU/Linux' They seem to miss the point that after DECADES, RMS can't get his damn kernel to a point where Linux isn't a better product.

Blame M$ for the things they have done, not for the things you imagine they will do. In the end, it is just F-ing software, use what you like and get on with your life... nothing to see here.

Comment Re:apple - the most anti-open company (Score 1) 600

Wow, either an over eager troll or the biggest dolt in the thread, which are you?

People choose to buy an Apple product. The choose to not buy an Apple product.

If it was so very very bad for Apple's customers, why do people still buy Apple?

Are you really suck a prick as decide what a person can or cannot do with regard to the items they buy? The other question begs, why the hell do you f*&^ing care what MP3 player someone uses?

Are you that petty?

Comment Re:I think that (Score 1) 684

So maybe you are confusing Apple with Amazon. Apple doesn't 'reach out and delete apps', they simply removed them from the app store so no one else can download them.

Now Amazon, they do reach out, and delete content you have already paid for.

If you are going to throw stones, be sure you throw them at the correct target. You making shit up about a company you don't like doesn't make you insightful, it makes you dishonest.

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