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Comment Who do these jerks think they are!? (Score -1, Flamebait) 891

Who are these pompous erudite jerks that think they are so much smarter than me as to dictate my choices in what I drive, how much I should pay for fuel, and enact punitive measures upon me if I choose differently than what they deem proper? I am sick and tired of people like this who look down on us as some flock of sheep that are too stupid to make or do for ourselves. So what a lot of people drive vehicles that don't get the best gas-mileage? Who are you to tell us we don't NEED to? I've got a good reason for driving an SUV... Don't punish me just because lots of people also drive one when you don't think they've got a good reason. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Comment Re:It's Not ALL Bloggers (Score 1) 353

Actually, the jury awarded the plaintiff $2.5 million. So, the civil case is over and Crystal L Cox was found guilty of libel. She doesn't have that kind of money to pay, however... and she said she will appeal the decision. I'll bet she doesn't even stop blogging about this guy and she ends up in jail after being found in contempt of court.

Comment Re:Personal Experience (Score 1) 353

In a more perfect world than the one in which we live I would tend to agree with you.... However, she is very smart. And knows where the lines are - and which ones not to cross - inasmuch as extortion goes. i.e. Offering to sell the offending domain name to the company or individual rather than outright saying "If you pay me $10,000 I'll stop posting negative blogs about you." And the thing is, what she posts are misrepresentations of the truth... In other words, many of the blog posts are based on actual events - but she twists the facts and draws erroneous conclusions.

And, then, you have to keep in mind... It's a mad woman who pays maybe $6.00 per year to register the domain name vs. a company potentially spending tens of thousands on a court case which is difficult to win at best. The owners of the company for which I worked made the decision to ignore her. Do a google search on Crystal L Cox. Do it! I submit to you if you are a rational individual (which I'm sure you are) you will recognize she is a particularly disturbed human being. And woe unto you if you ever have the misfortune of crossing her path yourself. is the domain she registered against my employer... she also registered similar domain names based upon the names of the owners - and even some of the employees! Fortunately, I don't think she knows who I am. Oh, and I'm smart enough to already have registered.

Comment Re:A few more potential facts (Score 1) 353

You are presuming that her purposes in blogging are to actually communicate something to the public. It's her business model. She sets up these blogs, gets highly ranked in google and attempts to extort money out of those whom she attacks. Think about it. Sometimes it's worth paying her $5,000 or so to a business to have her turn over the domain name than to pay a lawyer to go after her. If she cons just 1 person/business into doing that per month - that's not a bad living.

Comment Personal Experience (Score 1) 353

I know from personal experience, this particular woman (Crystal Cox) either needs to be locked away - or never allowed to use a computing device attached to the Internet again.... or pay a price so high she will never have the financial means to even buy a computer. What she does is register [a company or person that made me mad] She creates a blog and posts all kinds of nasty things about them. She did it to my former employer - and she's VERY good at getting her blogs up in the google results. She tried to extort money out of them several times! The result is, she (in part) destroyed their business because anybody who did a google search about the company saw that garbage.... It ultimately resulted in me being laid off as their Information Technology Director a few months ago. So.... her irresponsible actions have real-world results.

Comment Leaving ISS Uninhabited (Score 0) 62

All the recent news about the possibility of leaving ISS uninhabited got me to thinking....

Is there a lock on the door? I know it's far-fetched, but assuming someone had the capability - what would keep some 'rouge' entity (nation or otherwise) from launching themselves into orbit, occupying the thing and... well... at worst, de-orbiting it into a population center or at best causing a huge political embarrassment - say, by claiming the thing as their own?

Comment So long, CmdrTaco... (Score 1) 1521

Thanks for all the memories! I've been pretty much a daily reader since the date I joined.... wish I knew what date that was. Didn't sign-up for an account for a LONG time after I started reading... might have had a 4 or 5 digit number if I had signed up earlier. :-) Good luck in your future endeavors!


Comment Re:It's our own damn fault (Score 1) 534

How naive you are... You say, "Yes, we need to stop deficit spending" and "Congress - get to work" right after blasting the ONE political movement in recent history that has had a measure of success in forcing congress to seriously address it! You may disagree with most of their political views, but the tea party is largely made up of regular folks who are fed up with 'business as usual politicians' (both Democrat AND Republican) who spend copious amounts of money with little or no regard to fiscal responsibility. This political discourse on deficit spending would be only lip-service (as it has been for decades) if the tea party had never formed. Only now are things beginning to get serious... and I promise it will get worse before it gets better. The tea party is NOT going away and what they want is going to have to be addressed.

Furthermore, I am sick and fracking tired that you and others like you have the audacity to bitch about 'rhetoric and political posturing' and 'childish nonsense' while simultaneously devolving your own language into impudent tawdry jabs calling people 'tea baggers' proverbially participating in a giant liberal circle-jerk congratulating each other on your oh-so-clever humor, how smart you are and how dumb everybody is who disagrees with you. Grow up!

Comment Re:Why are Libs so enamored with taxes? (Score 1) 623

Since sales tax is paid on top of the the sale, it has no effect on profits.

This not quite true. There is a REAL cost to collecting the tax and remitting the tax to the appropriate authorities, filling out tax forms, accounting for money collected, keeping records, etc. The cost of doing this may not be much as a percentage per individual sale - but, it would require real time from real people who have to be paid real salaries for doing a purely administrative job that adds absolutely NO productive value to the customers or shareholders of the company.

The money for this activity MUST come from somewhere - and, generally, the company has to build that cost into their price structure.... ALTHOUGH, unbeknownst to many - some states allow businesses to retain a small percentage of the taxes collected as a fee/reward for doing the state's dirty work for them.

Comment Re:Why are Libs so enamored with taxes? (Score 1) 623

Having experience on this subject I speak with some authority.....

The online retailers you mentioned are either 1) big enough to hire hordes of tax experts/researchers/accountants to keep up with the thousands of taxing jurisdictions within the states who have sales and use taxes or 2) are connected with the Steamlined Sales Tax consortium which somewhat harmonizes tax laws across the several states (However, most of the original SST member-states have fallen out of compliance with the consortium rules.... and currently LESS THAN HALF of the states that have a sales and use tax are members).

Furthermore.... Wal-Mart, Kroger, Home Depot, etc. likely have NEXUS (i.e. some physical presence) in the states in question - therefore they have no choice but to abide by each respective state's taxation laws. Amazon's argument will be - as has mine for my specific situation - "We have no physical or legal presence in your state - therefore you have no taxation jurisdiction over us."

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