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Comment Re:Open source? (Score 0) 215

A truly random one-time pad longer than your cipher text is not crackable other than brute-force. Use a code along with the OTP and it's uncrackable (because the crackers won't recognize the plaintext when they do decipher it.) Of course you need to distribute copies of your codebook and OTP, which is why they developed ciphers in the first place...the only trick is to develop a code that parses to plain boring text. "Aunt Martha sends her love; she made a wonderful cherry pie for the church potluck last week, everyone was raving about it!"

Comment Re:Sure except... (Score 1) 210

You DO understand that if your phone is in the physical possession of the bad guy, they can do anything they want?

It's not like this can be done remotely with some crappily cloned Tetris game off the App Store, like some Android exploits we've seen....

Comment Re: Short answer: no (Score 1) 400

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"Wait a minute, That scruffy beard, those suspenders, that smug expression.You're one of those condescending Unix users!"


Media (Apple)

The Beatles On iTunes 551

Yesterday Apple put a big old teaser up on their homepage for an unknown announcement to occur today. Speculation ran rampant from the delayed iOS 4.2, to iTunes Streaming to a release of the Beatles catalog on the iTunes store. Well, it was the latter. They have 13 albums on the store now, and a $150 box set. So here's hoping that we get that iPad multitasking yet this November.

Comment Re:Meanwhile in the U.S. (Score 2, Insightful) 163

No, it's not very interesting because it simply isn't true. On the average government employees are better paid than the average american, but that's only because government jobs tend not to be minimum-wage McJobs.

When controlled by educational achievement, the exact opposite is true.


The average government employee with a bachelors degree makes 25% LESS than the average private industry employee with a bachelors degree.

Comment Re:Wait. (Score 1) 312

Well, actually the current state of the economy is proof enough that "these guys who spend their entire lives predicting financial markets" aren't god at predicting financial markets.

Who the hell would believe these guys could predict soccer?

Comment Re:Try a few of these free games... (Score 1, Troll) 663

I wish I had a cluebat right now.

"Those are all packages I found with a quick `aptitude search "~i~sGames"; that is, these are games that are packaged and trivially easy to install straight out of the box."

See that contrail waaaaaay up there at the edge of the atmosphere? That's the whole point flying right over your head...

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