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Comment Re:Why sue now? (Score 5, Interesting) 315

This law itself, in it's current form, nullifies the newly passed IPRED law.
The law says that stored information can only be requested by the police or prosecutors if a serious crime has been committed (or the suspicion of a serious crime).
Hence a third party like RIAA cannot request information to file a suit according to the IPRED law.
Another law in Sweden, currently active, says that all identity information MUST immediately be DESTROYED when it is no longer required for completion of business transactions.

That's some fine politics there, Lou!

Comment Actually there are a few more than two. (Score 5, Informative) 92

here you can see a few other ISP's that erases logs.
This behaviour is not a circumvention of the IPPRED law but an enforcement of law of electronic communication that states that customerinformation that is not needed for daily operations must be erased as soon as possible.
This law in itself nullifies the IPRED law.

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