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Comment Re:Pirate a pirate (Score 5, Informative) 268


TPB (which does not host any pirated material whatsoever) had their copyrighted site design stolen by a group that has been lobbying the government to put people in jail (for longer terms than rape or murder) for copying copyright material.

The copyright lobby group is now trying to say "no no, it's parody" but they've been lobbying hard to get parody removed from the list of exemptions and have recently succeeded.

Thus, TPB is attempting to hoist them on their own petard.

Comment Re:they always do (Score 4, Informative) 30

Well, first, we're talking about Canada.

Second, and this is critical, they can pass any laws they want, but that doesn't mean they're legal. The fact is that warrantless wiretapping in Canada is unlawful NO MATTER WHAT NEW LAWS THEY PASS. The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down laws that aren't acceptable, and one notable ruling was a mandatory sentence which was ignored the same day the law was assented. The ink was literally still wet on the Governor General's signature. (I mean "literally" in the English Composition sense, not the Interweb vernacular)

We have a Constitution, and ours is from 1982, so we can actually ask the asshole who got it signed. Highlights are that it says right in there that it's the highest law in the land, end of story. In there, you have the right to privacy. Frankly, anybody who gets convicted on something found by a warrantless wiretap will end up walking because it's just not lawful.

Finally, our governments in the US and Canada think that anything that's not in the Constitution is free game, and that's totally wrong. The Constitution is the only document that allows the government to exist at all. If they don't follow the only laws that let them make choices for us, it's time to kill them all -- every last one of them -- and leave their corpses hanging from the legislature as a warning to others.

Don't burn down the building and salt the land though, it's a heritage building and can't be replaced.

Comment Re:I Got It! (Score 3, Interesting) 538

I'd just double the time it takes for each try.

First bad password: 1 second to retry.
Second bad password: 2 seconds to retry.
Third bad password: 4 seconds to retry.
Fourth bad password: 8 seconds to retry.
Fifth bad password: 16 seconds to retry.

You get the idea. It'll end brute-force and only mildly inconvenience clueless users with fat fingers.

Comment Re:An IP address doesn't identify a person (Score 1) 240

Max damages in Canada are $5000 for all your piracy ever.

That means they can only sue you in small claims court.

If you go to small claims by yourself and the other guy sends a dozen lawyers, the judge will almost always find in favour of the guy by himself. A really good judge will take 50+ hours to do so in order to mess up the team of lawyers.

Also I have electrical tape over my laptop's camera.

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