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Comment Re:How To Develop Unmaintainable Software (Score 4, Funny) 211

In all fairness, outsourcing it to Canada made sense. We're cheaper, we have health care already, and speak English with an approximate degree of usefulness.*

So, on behalf of our country, I apologize for any inconveniences you have suffered from the sheer shittiness of the ACA software. As a measure of our sincerity, you may pick up one(1) bottle of maple syrup from our strategic reserve.

*offre non valable au Québec

Comment Re:Man i hate this game (Score 1) 288

Yep, I've killed billions upon billions of NPCs ("Well, more bodies in my wake, let's go"), including innocent bystanders, blown up planets, left people to die in vacuum, to suffocate, committed genocide, xenocide, whatever.

Nothing in all the years I've been gaming has anything made me feel as uncomfortable as the torture mission in GTAV.

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