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Comment Re:Man i hate this game (Score 1) 288

Yep, I've killed billions upon billions of NPCs ("Well, more bodies in my wake, let's go"), including innocent bystanders, blown up planets, left people to die in vacuum, to suffocate, committed genocide, xenocide, whatever.

Nothing in all the years I've been gaming has anything made me feel as uncomfortable as the torture mission in GTAV.

Comment Re:I'm not ashamed to admit (Score 5, Funny) 274

Actually, the guy being stung knew PRECISELY how far it was, 656 feet, and he counted every step of the way. 153 feet to the lake... fuck fuck fuck 117 feet to the lake... 98 feet to the lake... fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 45 feet to the lake fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK splash

It was the media that converted to 200m due to the international audience. I think it loses something in the SI translation.

Comment Re:Tor compromised (Score 1) 620

In fact- if I were doing something illegal- when regular articles about the silk road started being posted, I'd shut things down and take my profits.

Or sell it off for legit cash and move somewhere offshore. But yeah, once /. started talking about it, it was clear that they were going to get busted at some point. I guess he thought he could keep it going.

I don't know why you couldn't run this operation from outside the US. Just FedEx the packages to the US, and anything that gets stopped at the border is part of the cost of doing business.

Comment Re:Tor compromised (Score 5, Informative) 620

It's not a "lucky coincidence". I'm Canadian and I buy some stuff online. Here's why they tend to open packages:

1. Canadian Border Services gets $5 for every package they open. (I call this the "putting their dick in it" fee.) You can not appeal this fee.
2. As you have more stuff sent to you, they tend to open more of your packages. My ex-wife ordered lots of stuff online (mostly knitting supplies) and towards the end of her interest in her hobby, they were opening 90% of her packages. Mine were rarely opened.
3. They get a little more openy when you're doing your own brokerage. FedEx and UPS charge about $40 for brokerage, so some people do it themselves for $10. This requires you to go down to the border (or quasi-border), which in my city is the airport.

So it wasn't a tip-off, it was just CBS looking for extra cash.

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