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Comment Re:awful (Score 1) 125

I support the development of an AI, no matter what its initial purpose is, or who funds it.

Imagine it. How long have we been asking, "are we alone?" "will we ever contact another intelligence?" Sure, we have scifi shows about aliens, we have fables about angels and gods, but face it, as far as we know, this is the only planet with life.

At some point we can answer, "no, we are not alone. We created life, intelligent life, and saw it open its eyes." We would never be alone again.

I seriously don't give a shit what its first message is.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 1) 1293

Most parks are full of sewer systems.

In order to have a happy, functional park, you require drainage. The correct term for the drainage system is a sewer. Although pop culture calls only the poop type "sewer", that's called the "sanitary sewer". The pipes that drain storm water (e.g. the rain runoff from parks) is the "storm sewer". (And neither type flows just downhill.)

I've spent some of my co-op time digging up a park and putting in a storm sewer system so that the fields could be used all year round. Of course, we got to the end and there was a water main in the way (I wasn't involved in the design) and long story short the head PE for the city came down to figure out how to fix it.

Comment Re:ugh! too mainstream! (Score 2) 230

I'm using it now.

Audio goes through with no problems, it's the data accompanying the audio that doesn't go through. The track info doesn't show up on my stereo, although it did before I flashed to CM. It's a known problem, but it's waiting for the Google API to update (presumably in Android 4.3) for implementation.

Comment Re:ugh! too mainstream! (Score 1) 230

I've got an S3, but it's only got the one SIM card. It's easily accessible though.

What Cyanogenmod is missing is Bluetooth support. They have the basic functions down, but they redid the stack to be technically correct and now it doesn't work. They're waiting for Google to release some future API in a supposedly-upcoming release.

Also, GTA: Vice City doesn't work. But that's a minor thing.

Comment Re:Female programmers (Score 2) 608

I volunteer with my local engineering association, and gender diversity is something we've been working towards. It's a tough slog, and there's a laundry list of items as long as your arm as to why there aren't more women in engineering. There's no easy answer.

Do you know what the most equal of the engineering disciplines is?

It's Civil, where women make up a lofty 17% (seventeen percent).

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