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Comment Re:US rental industry is insane (Score 1) 261

You think the US is bad? Canada is worse, although our CR law is somewhat saner.

Netflix has about 1/10th the stuff you guys get in the States because the 2 content owners also own the telcos, so they surprisingly don't want to sell the IP to Netflix.

Vudu won't play in Canada. Neither will Amazon Instant. We don't have Redbox. We can get some movies from the library though.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 4, Interesting) 261

Honestly, if they'd set up for-pay streaming / downloading music for money back in 1999, I doubt I've have ever pirated any movies or music. I used to buy a lot of CDs, sometimes stuff just to see what it sounded like.

It's still easier to pirate in some countries (e.g. Canada) than just buy stuff. I've started buying more movies now because my home theater shows the limits of the ripped movies (mostly sound, there's not much ranger in the ripped versions)

And most (90%) of my music is legit indie rock lists.

Comment Re:Declared underweight? (Score 1) 361

You asked, and I quote, "How do you overload a ship? It has a load line on the side of the hull. If there's too much stuff on it, everyone knows just by looking."

You can overload the ship by a poorly distributed, yet still under-limit, load. These super-heavy containers are in an unknown position on the ship. What happens is as the ship rolls, pitches, and yaws, the extra instability from the imbalance puts an above-spec strain on the structural components of the ship.

Ship bends.

Ship breaks.

Salvagelarity ensues.

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