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Comment Re:The way they'll pull it off (Score 2, Funny) 95

The shooter in CT was known to download music and movies. If only we had been able to track his movie choices properly, and note a slide towards more violent movies and video games, then we could have prevented the tragedy of 20 kindergarten children.

It's a fairly small price to pay, having each person's movie preferences checked and analysed a licensed psychologist. Mandating that devices can only play movies that have been approved by the MIAA, and music approved by the RIAA, ensures that our children will be safe at school. /The outside of my molars in delicious, by the way.

Comment Re:it tells you one thing, at least (Score 1) 1719

I remember Timmy McVeigh running through that OK building shooting everyone. Horrible time.

Same when those guys stormed the twin towers and the Pentagon and shot everyone inside. It was on the news for months.

You don't need guns to kill people. Any of us could build a weapon powerful enough to kill hundreds of people with stuff you can buy from Home Depot. I could probably build a so-called "dirty bomb" for a couple grand.

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