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Comment Re:Eric Holder (Score 1) 616

If everyone disgusted with the system stayed home, the system would *never* change. That's sufficient proof that your method is broken.

That is simply not true. Voting / participating in the democratic process is not the only way to change the system. It is simply one of the many tools those in power have used through the ages to keep those without power from using violence to TAKE power.

Many people today are content to let those with the power do as they please because it doesn't affect their daily lives in easy to identify ways. For the time being few will stand up and be counted because they will effectively stand alone. When enough people see the choices ahead of them, and death at the hands of the state is not the worst option, then things will change. Until then its all just window dressing anyways.

Comment Re:I don't know about the 'cluster' mailboxes. (Score 1) 867

I believe you have that backwards. junk mail is subsidizing the first class mail. bulk mail get's cheaper rates, but it is also cheaper to deliver, and often is presorted for them by the sender, which is one of the reasons why it is cheaper to deliver because some of the work has already been done for them. also junk mail is a constant revenue stream whereas the first class mail is more sporadic.

No, I really dont have that backwards. Bulk mail accounts for the vast majority of the post office normal( meaning daily) volume. Often times there isn't even any first class mail going to a given address. The sum total of first class mail just doesn't make a very big difference to the post office bottom line. All else being equal, if the post office charged first class rate for all bulk mail, they would be in the black. OTOH if the post office charged $2.00 instead of $0.40 for first class stamps (or whatever it is these days), they still wouldn't be cash flow positive. This means that the post office is undercharging for bulk rate mail. The pricing is still working from the assumption that the post office would have to go to every mailbox every day due to first class mail needing to be delivered. With the dramatic reduction in first class mail over the last decade, the post office no longer needs to go to every mailbox every day. This means that first class mail is now subsidizing bulk rate. A complete reversal of the way it was "supposed to be". Long story short, if congress let them change the pricing for first class mail, it would make very little difference for the post office. What the post office needs to do is re-evaluate their pricing for bulk rate, and make necessary changes to account for the reduction in bulk rate mail they will see when they increase those prices to an amount that is greater than cost for the post office.

Comment Re:I don't know about the 'cluster' mailboxes. (Score 1) 867

Think of it as a deposit. Because democrats don't have fuck-all worth of credit. They just like to spend. Republicans are having to teach these children a lesson in balancing a budget. Don't have enough money? Oh well, guess that means you'll have to not expand government. That's the goal BTW. Starve that fucking beast!

Its not a matter of republicans vs democrats: Not a one of your elected reps in Washington can balance a checkbook, much less the national budget. We need to radically restructure the way money is apportioned in this country. Congress should no longer be allowed to write their own checks. They need to be forced to come begging to an authority that is under no real compulsion to give congress anything. We need separation of powers for the budget. Give one organization the power to raise money, (by raising or reducing taxes), and give another organization the power to spend (but only what is in the budget. no deficit spending). That would put an end to much of this damn deadlock in Washington. Future deadlock would mean no change in status quo, but that would also include no growth in national debt by definition.

Comment Re:I don't know about the 'cluster' mailboxes. (Score 1) 867

If it weren't for republicans passing that fucked up bill requiring USPS to pre-fund retirement 75 years out, the USPS would be making a profit.

No, they wouldn't. To be sure the losses would be smaller, but the USPS would still be loosing money. According to the 2012 annual report to congress, The USPS lost 13.8 billion. Of that total, the pre-fund on their pensions cost 11.1 billion (2 years worth). That means that without paying a single penny for pensions costs, the USPS lost $2.7 Billion on 67 Billion in revenue. That's pretty crappy, especially considering they just came out of a re-org, and overall mail volume has been increasing slowly. More than likely, the problem is that their expenses are fixed largely due to having to deliver everywhere everyday almost regardless of volume, and their income is fixed due to congress setting their prices for them. high density urban mail is subsidizing rural mail. First class mail (e.g. mail that counts) is also subsidizing bulk rate mail. This is pretty stupid if you ask me. We are all paying to subsidize the junk mail.

Comment Re:Peer review (Score 1) 707

You can follow the scientific method perfectly and arrive at the wrong result.

No, you really can't. That is why the scientific method works. Only the ignorant believe that science can lead to bad results. Science does not lead to failure, incorrect application of science, or outright failure to follow the scientific method is what leads to incorrect results.

Comment Re:It's not about the money (Score 2, Insightful) 467

Yeah, everyone wants office on their tablets. I do, my daughters and wife do, and just think of how stupid all those iPad users are going to feel when they see cool, cool windows tablets running a cut-down version of the latest version of Office. Excel on a train? No problem. Outlook in a nightclub? Sorted. Word in a park? Job done! I just hope Access works on mobile too - that would be sweet! I'd never leave the house! That'd show those Android using chumps!

I think you'll find that a touch interface is simple not really up to the task of content creation. There is no decent workflow at all that involves a touch screen for editing anything. Typing e-mail and texts on a touchscreen is somewhat marginal, and anything more complex than raw text is going to be an exercise in frustration. While I agree that having my phone or tablet capable of doing real work while I'm on the go would be cool, I simply don't see any good way to deal with the lack of rich inputs on a mobile device. Even laptops are kind of marginal, and I can really only use one with a mouse, although I know many people who make do with a track-pad. The real killer application will be whoever can come up with a rich input device that fully and completely replaces the keyboard/mouse combination with something as good or better that can fit into a mobile form factor. Until then, mobile productivity software is a non-starter.

Comment Re:Metro UI (Score 5, Insightful) 467

Metro UI is designed to combine both PC and tablet UI's. So because Microsoft saw that PC sales were declining, they wanted to compete in the tablet space. That was against everything that Slashdot users said back in the day when Metro UI was introduced, and they called it a huge mistake from Microsoft.

Just because M$ had an actual plan doesn't mean that the plan was any good. It was a mistake for M$ to try to force their way into the tablet market. It was doomed to failure. Worse yet, it has continued a long string of M$ screwing its loyal customer base in an ill-advised attempt to convert customers from one market into another. M$ has to learn that it cannot mess with its loyal windows customer base. It cant leverage its existing monopolies for new markets because it is no longer the 800Lb gorilla of all things tech. The more they pull crap like this, the more rabid haters they create. How many people will put up with a fair amount of inconvenience just to run open-office. How many people were willing to switch to Firefox when it offered only marginally better value over IE (both were free after all). A large number of people (myself included) switched to these other platforms and solutions for no other reason than because we hate M$. I do still run some M$ products because the alternative is not really practical, but every time a good enough alternative comes along, I switch away from yet another M$ product. How many others are out there like me?

Comment Re:Metro UI (Score 3, Informative) 467

No, the Zune was bit of a failure. It didn't sell at all. But there still are some users (even on Slashdot) that say it was a really good product. So it's more like 50/50. However, Surface RT actually sold quite well and that's what makes it different from Zune.

The zune sold more than a million units in its first year, compared with 35 million IPODs sold in that same span, and yet it is universally considered to have been a failure.

The Surface RT and Surface Pro together sold less than a million units int their first year, while the IPAD sold more than 22 million units in that same period. It sounds to me like the surface and zune fall into the same category of failure...

Comment Re:smart people use dumb phones (Score 1) 194

My phone doesn't need Gorilla glass to be very durable, It simply has a small screen. It can last without recharging for more then a week of normal use. And it can take quite a beating, (my wife washed hers 3 times) It's not very good for surfing the internet or taking pictures but it is a much better phone then any "smart" phone.

Look mom, an oxymoron!

Comment Re:Tolerate whoever you like (Score 1) 1448

In the future people will forget about Stephen King

Like Card, King has some excellent works, and some not so good works. Read the Bachman books. He was near his prime then, and he wrote them under a pseudonym because he wanted to know if people were buying his books because they were good, or because of the name. Turned out they were some really good books. The Long Walk was as close as I ever want to get to understanding death, and for a good mind-fuck, read Rage. It leaves you almost believing you can understand what is going on in a kid like Adam Lanzas head.

Comment Re:Really?!? (Score 1) 1448

Tolerate those who have crazy beliefs.

Never tolerate, for one second, someone who wants to hurt others because of those beliefs.

Yes. Tolerate everyone regardless of their beliefs. Whether you think they are crazy or not. As an atheist (or maybe agnostic, I'm not really sure), I understand fully the "message of Jesus Christ". His message was simple, even if the various catholic denominations have all but abandoned it. The only way to begin to heal an intolerant person is to teach them about tolerance by example. Being intolerant towards them only deepens the schism, and hardens their beliefs. A violently intolerant person should be treated with pity. Do what is necessary to protect others from that person, but pity them.

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