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Comment Re:really? (Score 1) 262

Consumers are dumb. They'll say "oohh, they're almost sold out! I need to get one while I can!"

at those prices, consumers are a lot more discerning than MS thinks. That's why they fail almost every time they try. The upper limit of consumer stupidity is (in my experience) around $200-$300 USD. anything more than that is beyond the amount of money people are willing to spend on an impulse buy. People coughed up a ton for the iPhone because they needed a phone anyway, and could justify the higher price tag because the difference fell below that magic threshold. The iPad was something of an anomaly, and MS thought they could produce the same results as Apple, but MS does not have any of Apples glitter, and should in no way expect to be able to sell to the top of the market any time soon. Even Samsung isnt trying to sell product with the same margin as Apple because they have smart people in marketing who tell them that their products are not so well positioned that they can charge a premium for the name. MS marketing is either lying to management and telling them they can sell to a market segment they have no hope of penetrating, or management is ignoring their experts... Either way, MS is trying to sell to the highest margin segment of the market, but there is only one way to get into that segment: You get there first with exceptional products. Everyone else has to settle for eroding the margins.

Comment Re:I feel safer... (Score 4, Insightful) 411

and I don't even live in the states

You wouldn't feel that way if you lived here...

These people (Clapper, et all) don't even comprehend that what they are doing is wrong. They genuinely believe they are doing good! These people are far more dangerous than all of the terrorists combined because they are slowly and surely handing our country to a future tyrant who will commit more atrocities than all of the terrorists combined. In spite of that they believe they are on the side of righteousness.

Those that support these programs will not wake up to the reality of what they are doing / have done until it is too late to undo without massive bloodshed. We have the opportunity to stop it now, but I have little faith that the unwashed masses can be brought to understand what the "think of the children" mentality is doing to our country.


Comment Re:Wrong way round. (Score 4, Insightful) 182

Little bit of insider information, most of it is from that Wall Street Journal article from around Jan 2011 talking about the decision. I can't find the article right now and there is a chance they may never have published it online.

Translate that as: I'm lying out my ass, and will duck any attempt to call me out on it...

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 527

The message contents, yes. But the header information they did have access to, as it's necessary for delivery. And that information is what the FBI wanted, and that information is what was all protected by a single SSL cert.

Negative, the SSL cert did not, and does not protect anything on the system itself, just the information in transit. The FBI wanted the SSL cert so that they could perform an MITM attack and consequently be able to prove who sent what to whom.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 618

Isn't that what happened at first? Then peoples across history, independently across geographical areas, evolved societies with rules and laws.

Maybe we as a species prefer limitations on our freedom in exchange for our survival and comfort.

Man doesn't have an inability to govern himself, He has a fundamental inability to refrain from governing others...


Comment Re:Let's re-evaluate trade policy (Score 1) 625

They can't call our debts. Bonds have maturation periods. Furthermore, even if the US did have to pay back the entire debt at once, they could do so because it is denominated in dollars and we can print as many as we want.

Go ahead and print 10 Trillion USD, and see how fast your own people revolt, never mind the Chinese.

Comment Re: AI and robotics and jobs (Score 1) 625

Ah the same decade AI people have been telling us about for nearly 50 years. Frankly, I'm not sure we are really any closer today than we were in the 60s.

We aren't any closer. As I said, it will require a breakthrough, and that can happen at anytime and is largely unpredictable. I said on the order of a decade, I didn't say on the close order of a decade.

Comment Re:Let's re-evaluate trade policy (Score 1) 625

First, no trade wars, because there would be no trade. Internal economy. We have both abundant resources and a huge consuming base. Barriers up, both ways. You can't have a trade war if you aren't engaged in trade.

Second, protectionism will have to include hard borders -- no further immigration.

If we suddenly stopped buying from or selling to the Chinese, they would suddenly find themselves with absolutely no incentive to help us maintain our way of life. The single biggest deterrent we have to war with China is the fact that our economies are so intertwined. If we stop trading with them, our economy collapses, but so does theirs. Next thing you know, the Chinese government calls all of our debts, and when we fail to pay, they declare war.

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