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Comment Oh, wow. What you learn when you RTFA... (Score 4, Interesting) 136

As to the above drama about mixing measuring units, the article says:

These images are also at least twice as sharp as what the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) can make because the 6.5m Magellan telescope is much larger than the 2.4m HST.

So there you go. Both measurements in Imperial European Units.

But then I read on, and was pretty stoked to see them discovering things like this.

MagAO was then used to map out all the positions of the brightest nearby Orion Trapezium cluster stars and was able to detect very small motions compared to older LBT data, a result of the stars slowly revolving around each other. Indeed, a small group of stars called Theta 1 Ori B1-B4 was proved to be likely a bound “mini-cluster” of stars that will likely eject the lowest mass star in the near future (see figure 4). This result has just been published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Nice! I'd love to see a time-lapse video over the course of the next million years watching this black sheep star get flung out of its little flock.

Comment Re:Yeah, it's those politicians who are corrupt (Score 5, Insightful) 177

I know, I shouldn't feed the troll. But since trolls are tireless, we must be also tireless in trying to talk sense.

It isn't stealing. When I steal, you don't have what I took from you.

The copyright contract has been broken. It is specifically mandated to be for a LIMITED TIME. Since copyrights are now unlimited, there is no longer an obligation to follow copyright.

The justifications aren't tortured. At this point, the justifications of the copyright cartel are pretty tortured, though.

The people actually producing the art work don't get much compensation for their work. The copyright cartel makes sure of that. Musicians don't get their royalties, and film crews are constantly the victims of bizarro accounting rules where no matter what happens, the film always "lost money."

And your flippant dismissal of calling politicians corrupt flies in the face of extremely extensive and well-documented history.

What do you call the opposite of a tinfoil hatter? Someone who in the face of overwhelming evidence still believes the lies of the slave driver? A Stockholmer? This is you. Welcome to your new label.

Comment Re:Yes, citizens arrest...for trespassing (Score 1) 510

Clearly what they are doing (the airport officials) isn't right. But so far as I can tell, airport officials have made a career of doing wrong things and saying it's in our favour. From little things like taking away our water, to major things like irradiating us. It's a little disconcerting.

Submission + - NSA Still Funded to Spy On US Phone Records,Vote Fails 3

turp182 writes: The Amash Amendment (#100) to HR 2397 (DOD appropriations bill) failed to pass the House of Representatives (this link will change tomorrow, it is the current day activity of the House) at 6:54PM EST today, meaning it will not be added to the appropriations bill. The amendment would have specifically defunded the bulk collection of American phone records.

Roll call may not be available until tomorrow.

Subjective: Let freedom be reigned.

Comment Re:They have a file, and are out to get me (Score 1) 290

For real. I helped set up a boycott of Koch industries a couple of years ago. They busted down my door once already, stole all of my things, and persistently attack me, threaten me, and have US attorney's after me. I live in constant fear that my communications are not private and that they are waiting for me to fuck up in order to fuck me up. It wears on my nerves.

Can you give us any references for any of this? Even the non-scary parts, like just what protest was it? Where? Was it written up in the news? Especially interesting would be if you have references for the scary shit, though I understand how it's probably all tied up in secret courts with secret laws.

Comment Oh ha ha! Silly tinfoil hatters! (Score 4, Insightful) 290

Let's make a poll. Those silly guys keep talking about how the government is spying on all of us. Those silly tinfoil hatters!

Oh, my. There is a cabinet in a major data interconnect area siphoning off all data. Probably nothing. Imagine what those silly tinfoil hatters are gonna say about it! Ha ha. Let's make a poll.

Oh my. There are some leaks showing potentially massive surveillance of everyone, but probably nothing. This is gonna suck. Those silly tinfoil hatters are gonna have a heyday with this.

Oh my. The executive branch has been conclusively shown to be wholesale spying on everyone, and lying to the legislative branch about it, and the legislative and judicial branches have been proven to be at the best lax in their duties to reign in the executive branch.

Let's make another poll making fun of the tinfoil hatters.


Submission + - Microsoft Delivers Digg's Ads (digg.com)

philovivero writes: "You've probably gotten a thousand submissions about this today, but I feel as an insider, I have extra insight. Not that I'll give you any, mind you. I'm kind'f not allowed to talk about it. But I will be able to authoritatively leave off the silly speculation that others might include.

So Microsoft contacted us a while back and offered to provide the advertising infrastructure for Digg. This is good for us, since now we get to focus our internal resources on new features to the site rather than monetising our traffic. I can't tell you what a relief that is. Oops. I just did.

I know Slashdotters aren't the biggest Digg fans, but it is a huge LAMMP (we will never forget memcached!) stack pushing out a bazillion bytes per second, so it's a cool geeky thing behind-the-scenes, even if you can't get into reading the stuff the masses find interesting. You gotta admit it's intriguing when Microsoft comes along and becomes part of it, no?

I hope you find the whole deal newsworthy. I could pepper this submission with links to the 40 or so major news organisations that covered this budding relationship, but we're Slashdotters. We can sort that ourselves, no?"

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