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Comment How to fix ALL the app stores... (Score 4, Insightful) 249

Step 1 remove ALL the freaking flashlight, mirror, and fart apps. All of them.
Step 2 no longer allow any app that replicates abilities in the stock phone.
Step 3 Free ad choked apps are not allowed to be called "free" but "advertising supported"
Step 4 eliminate in app purchases.
Step 5 only apps that have no ads can be called free, groups can release open source free apps for zero cost to them.
Step 6 all apps have a 30 minute 100% refund return policy. If I buy an app and find it is crap, I can get a 100% refund and it is removed from my phone.

THAT is how you fix not only the apple store but the android and all other "app" stores.

Comment Re:While Buying Back $1.5 Billion In Stock (Score 1) 207

when the poor stop getting earned income credits totaling in the several thousands every year

I get your drift, but the Earned Income Tax Credit program is a poor example of something to pick on. EITC is one of the very few financial aid programs out there that both Republicans and Democrats like because they agree it's effective. The short version is that the EITC rewards you for going out and getting a job, which is where the "earned income" in the name comes from. It was created to combat the paradox that getting a low-wage job can disqualify you from getting certain types of welfare, resulting in you making less money by working than if you just lived off government assistance. So EITC "grosses up" your working income to make sure you have an incentive to be gainfully employed and you aren't losing out on benefits because you're working.

You don't get the EITC by being jobless or living off public assistance; it in essence gives you an additional incentive to work. So while you may think that our welfare programs are busted in general, EITC is not the piece of that program to criticize.

Comment Build one yourself for a LOT cheaper.. (Score 2) 126 has an already proven solution hardware package that can easily be adapted to a full face helmet.

The problem with Skully is their chosen base helmet sucks, it's great for freaks with smushed heads, but normal people with round heads it's uncomfortable. so they will need to offer about 80 different helmet sizes to make a $1500-$2000 helmet fit everyone that wants to buy one.

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