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Comment Build one yourself for a LOT cheaper.. (Score 2) 126 has an already proven solution hardware package that can easily be adapted to a full face helmet.

The problem with Skully is their chosen base helmet sucks, it's great for freaks with smushed heads, but normal people with round heads it's uncomfortable. so they will need to offer about 80 different helmet sizes to make a $1500-$2000 helmet fit everyone that wants to buy one.

Comment Re:not just hiring (Score 2) 561

"or the pay for their gender or ethnicity seems off compared to others." This is why the bullshit of "secret pay scales" exist. so management can pay the black guy less than the white guy or the woman less than the men.

I freely tell others what I get paid at work and I'll ask others what they get paid. It should not be a secret.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 561

Problem is you are considered RACIST for suggesting they get a better education and not follow the ghetto culture.

Honestly today you can learn ANYTHING on your own with the internet, yet ask any inner city youth, they are discouraged from learning because it's considered "acting white"

Their own brand of racisim keeps them down.

Comment Re:8k video? (Score 1) 145

Exactly, yet you will have a TON of people claiming they can tell the difference. In reality they can not.

99% of the people out there sit too far away from their TV to see 1080p Unless they have a 60" or larger and sit within 8 feet of the TV set. The people that have the TV above the fireplace and sit 12 feet away might as well have a standard def TV set.

But the same people that CLAIM they can see 1080p from their TV 10 feet away also claim that their $120 HDMI cables give them a clearer picture.

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